Divisional Round of Super Bowl #3 - Madden 24 UT + Other Titans Thoughts

The journey continues with another absolutely thrilling Divisional Round Game! Not really, actually. It's a pretty regular game but there's some nice scrambles with McNair throughout. I could have won this game a lot easier in general but I did get fairly nervous in some moments and miss several wide open targets but I got the job done in the end!

I'm just glad it was a full game honestly. It's nice to see the stats at the end. I'm really looking forward to posting the Super Bowl soon! That's a great and full game as well.


This Q&A was a real treat to watch. It was fascinating to hear how the Calvin Ridley trade went down in great detail. The whole thing seemed dramatic and intense. So satisfying to snag Ridley away from the Jags! The Jags definitely wanted him back. The Titans spoiled the Jags playoff chances, and then they steal Ridley! Even if this new regime in Callahan and Carthon doesn't work out, these mini wins are still entertaining and fairly satisfying LOL.

Speaking of Carthon and Callahan, it was fun to see them interact in public and everything. Both of these men seem to be enthusiastic and focused. They seem significantly different than prior Titans regimes. Offensive minded, modern. They don't feel like tough guys but they do feel calculated and confident. Surprisingly nice sense of humor also.

They give me good vibes but they've essentially proven squat so it's hard to truly buy in or believe in them yet but hey, good vibes is a start I guess. They don't seem incompetent.

Really pumped for the season and the draft!!! Gotta try to get some draft stuff out possibly soon!!!