Last Reg. Season Game + Wild Comeback Wild Card Victory! - Journey To Super Bowl #3 Madden 24 UT

It's been a busy week for me and well, it's nice to just get back to posting a bit.

My journey to another Lombardi continues! I actually made a mistake and skipped this victory earlier in the series. This win actually came after my second I believe. Oh well. All wins were captured and as always I make sure that all the wins on my path to the championship are shown prior to the Super Bowl matchup.

This game was not too thrilling anyway other than my defense being absolutely superb. Brock Purdy had no shot to function on any level.

But yeah, all five victories to make the playoffs are out! Now onto the game I'm really proud of!

The Wild Card Game

This Wild Card was unique to begin with since it was actually my opponent's Super Bowl! A lot on the line here for sure. I was facing a Seahawks user and I am pretty certain both of us had on throwback jerseys! Definitely pretty solid visuals.

My adversary had Anthony Richardson at QB and Bo Jackson at running back.


What a duo! It's so interesting to see these different rosters on UT. Even if Richardson were to never pan out and never be featured on Ultimate Team again, it will still be so entertaining to look back at this combo one day. Of course also if Richardson turns out to be awesome it will be cool to look at as well for obvious reasons.

My opponent annoyingly was really utilizing the run game and overall just really chewing the clock every chance he got. I was eventually down 17-7 with just two and a half minutes left before the glorious comeback went down. It all starts at the 15:28 mark! McNair and Henry connect for a SWEET touchdown pass to keep the squad alive at the 17:35 mark.

My opponent could have easily run the clock out at one point but I don't question these things! I guess he wanted to really seal the win and catch me off guard. Crazy! I really wonder what he was thinking once I hit that BOMB on him at the 19:52 mark!

So happy I caught this one on a recording! This whole Super Bowl run has been really fun. Can't wait to finish sharing.