My First Madden Ultimate Team Super Bowl Run - Divisional Round - Madden 24 + Titans Free Agency, Farewell to King Henry

Man, oh man!! The penultimate game of this Super Bowl run baby!! Primetime Divisional Matchup in Nashville against the Patriots led by Tommy Devito at QB. Pretty fun stuff. It was a competitive battle for a fair portion of the game.

Still, my defense proved to be too much for my opponent. I capitalized on offense the best I could and eventually got the job done. I personally find the touchdown pass I threw at the 8:43 mark particularly awesome. Levis to Johnson in the back of the endzone while basically getting sacked. Dramatic, yet clean.

I was so pumped to win this game. I reached the Super Bowl only once before and man, I lost an absolute heartbreaker. I was determined to get this Lombardi!! Let's go!!

There's been a ton of activity when it comes to NFL free agency the past couple of days. It really makes me appreciate playing Ultimate Team even more in a way. You just never know when your favorite player might be in a new uniform.

Titans legend Derrick Henry is headed to Baltimore and man, it stinks but it was also unsurprising. The Titans are heading in a newer direction offensively and Derrick wants the most money and is only aging at this point. He can still be productive as a player, but it does make sense for both sides at this point.

Derrick is an all-time favorite Titan, and likely a future Hall of Famer. A lot of awesome memories made. Derrick leads the franchise in rushing touchdowns with 90 and is second in rushing yards all-time with 9,502.

The level of respect NFL fans and Titans fans have for Derrick is simply obvious honestly. Eight strong seasons in two-tone blue. The guy was simply special. Thanks for everything Henry!!


The Ravens are a rival of the Titans and it's pretty annoying he's headed there, but as long as he ain't in the Titans way, I guess it'd be nice to see him get a ring.

As time goes on, my appreciation for Henry will probably just grow.

In the meantime though, the Titans replaced Henry with a very different style running back in former Cowboys running back Tony Pollard. Pollard is a smaller, quicker, more versatile back than Henry. Definitely a quality replacement for Henry as a whole. Pollard is a proven player and roughly four years younger than Henry. Also, the Titans still have promising second year running back Tyjae Spears on the roster.


As a whole, the Titans have been nicely active in free agency in 2024. I mean, it's not too hard to really be excited about off-season moves, it's easy to be optimistic when actual games aren't being played.

Nevertheless, with Levis hopefully developing more, and a new coaching staff with a fairly significant change in philosophy in comparison to prior regimes, these new signings feel more exciting. All the signings are players the Titans need.

The Llyod Cushenberry (center) and Chidobe Awuzie (cornerback) signings seem pretty strong.


Man, I can't wait to see what the Titans do next and who they draft!


Crazy to see all the other changes around the league. Cousins to Atlanta, Mixon, Jones, Jacobs all shuffling around. Crazy stuff!!





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