My First Madden Ultimate Team Super Bowl Run EVER! - Playoff Clinching Victory/Part Five - Madden 24

Been a few days since I updated my first Super Bowl run on Madden! Work has been silly busy lately but I still want to get these posts out. Editing these and re-living these games is a lot of fun. I worked hard on this playoff run! I absolutely see myself one day looking back and enjoying this series. Perhaps other Madden users and Titans fans may enjoy it as well!

Just like my second victory, I once again faced the absurd Drake Maye + Rich Eisen combo. For awhile there I was sorta getting cooked by Rich Eisen and I thought perhaps I may see my second loss of this run.



But I managed to buckle down and get the job done in the end. It is so cool to have and be successful with, the legendary Sean Taylor! He's really helped solidify my secondary and he came in clutch to help seal this win and officially enter the playoffs!!!



Three consecutive wins and the Lombardi heads to Nashville!






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