My First Madden Ultimate Team Super Bowl Run Ever - THE SUPER BOWL - Madden 24

For many reasons I have procrastinated posting this last installment of my Super Bowl run. One of those reasons is honestly because I've been trying to capture my second Super Bowl with zero luck. Ugh. Makes me appreciate this run so much more honestly!

Victory #1

Victory #2

Victory #3

Victory #4

Victory #5

Wild Card Round

Divisional Round

This Super Bowl was a really fun and competitive game throughout. I played it extremely conservative for the most part and it ended up benefiting me in the end.

The Super Bowl!

This one really came down to the wire, just a really fun gaming accomplishment for me! I had to clutch up on that final drive! I was soooooo happy when I finally got this one done. Seeing past and current Titans celebrate together was pretty cool to watch.

My Super Bowl Winning Roster!

Littered with Titans! Let's go!!





Man, not much else to say. So glad I could capture this run. For years I did not think it would be possible for some reason LOL. Thought the competition was too much or Ultimate Team was just impossible due to people having overpowered rosters. But man, this is fun!

In the real world the Titans abruptly signed Calvin freaking Ridley!!! Pretty awesome signing. The guy is a top fifteen if not top ten receiver still very much in his prime. Also feels pretty cool to snag him from the Jags of course. The Titans not only spoiled the Jags' playoff hopes in the final game a few weeks ago, now the Titans signed their number one receiver LOL!!!


I'm really hoping that D-Hop and Ridley can really be legendary together! The Titans really pleasantly surprised me when it comes to their free agency activity this offseason, and there's rumors that they aren't even done quite yet. Hopefully Levis can get it done with these weapons!!

It's really been a fun off-season. I'd love to ramble more about the Titans but I sadly have to work later. Sigh.

Football needs to hurry up.