Random H2H + Ultimate Team Game - Madden 24 + Discovering a Hilarious Madden Streamer

Well I'd say it's been a fun day of posting. Three posts, six games edited in total and learned about a few NFL prospects in the meantime.

These final two games of the day were pretty solid. The first game is a regular head to head match against the Dolphins. Treylon Burks started that game off strong and overall I was in control a lot of that game.

In real life, the Titans have had a good amount of success recently against the Dolphins. On January 2nd, 2022 the Titans whooped the Dolphins 34-3 in a bit of a revenge game for Ryan Tannehill. Then just last season the Titans upset the Dolphins in a pretty epic comeback win. The Titans are actually set to visit Miami again next year, and so I'm hoping this hot streak can continue.

The second game is the Ultimate Team game and AGAIN I face Michael Vick, this time as a member of the Steelers. People forget Vick was actually a Steeler for a season in 2015!

I also really got into enjoying a hilarious new streamer named Sketch. At this point Sketch is fairly famous and seems to still be growing pretty rapidly. The dude has a unique personality and he's had me cracking up! It's been a nice chill time editing videos while watching or listening to his shenanigans.


Anyway, I am beat. Work tomorrow, which is gross indeed.

As always...