Random H2H + Ultimate Team Game - Madden 24 + More Titans Draft Thoughts... WR?

Two more games to live on the interwebs!

Having a head to head game with current rosters, followed by an Ultimate team game is actually an interesting combo. Seeing the contrast to modern football players and even their styles is interesting to observe. Also, since my Ultimate Team is usually littered with Titans, it's fun to see current Titans AND past Titans/Oilers in the same video. I, and maybe other Titans fans, can sort of enjoy the Titans of the past and future at the same time. I find it all pretty fun.

The first game was a regular head to head game against another Ravens user and man it never gets old beating Baltimore. Right off the bat Sean Murphy-Bunting got an interception and from that point on I kept my opponent at arm's length. This is the only Madden Murphy-Bunting will have been a Titan. Bunting's one year contract with the Titans expired and he then signed a three year deal with the Cardinals last month. Bunting was solid for the Titans! He was pretty healthy and was asked to do a lot for the Titans. He had two picks for the team last season!


The Ultimate team game features Michael Vick again but this time Vick wears the black and silver as a member of the Raiders. I've got franchise legend Warren Moon at QB! Vick vs Moon, pretty sweet! It was a very competitive game overall.

If the Titans don't select linebacker Edgerrin Cooper in the second round, there are plenty of receivers to choose from. With older receivers like D-Hop and even Ridley, I believe it'd be wise to inject some youth into the mix at receiver. Burks looks like he's in major bust category if he can't turn things around in year three.

One receiver that might be a nice fit, and available for the Titans in the second round, is Texas receiver Adonai Mitchell. Mitchell also went to Georgia for two seasons with mixed success. Mitchell played for Texas for just one season in 2023 but performed very well catching eleven touchdowns along with over eight hundred receiving yards. Mitchell has very good size and speed and doesn't turn 22 until October 8th. Mitchell would be in a perfect place to learn alongside D-Hop and Ridley.



Can't wait for the Draft!