Random H2H + Ultimate Team Game! - Madden 24 + Who could the Titans Draft in Round Two?

I have so many games sitting on my PlayStation, I am going to combine two per video like this going forward! It's so trippy that these games were played three months ago. Time does fly. I did not remember that I had Lamar Jackson on my squad for awhile there!

My controller was giving me serious issues when I first got Madden 24, had to switch to my old controller which is also a bit broken but not as bad. Need a fresh controller one of these days.

But yeah the first game is a win against a Ravens user. So fun to play and get wins with this poor Titans team and rookie Will Levis over a Ravens squad that almost made the Super Bowl this season!

The second game is a high scoring affair against a Michael Vick led Giants team! It was a well balanced victory for sure. A lot of good throws and clutch moments. Xavier Hutchinson was proving to be a big target for me back in January. I did not even know who he was! Apparently he's a receiver for the Texans, he was a rookie in 2023. But with that high powered offensive attack in Houston in 2023, he was for sure buried on that depth chart.

I can't believe the Draft is six days away! As I said before, the Titans should really stay more on the conservative side considering how we have a still effective but aging D-Hop, signed Calvin Ridley to a ton of money and since we still can't honestly say if Will Levis is truly the guy yet.

If the Titans draft Joe Alt and can then get their hands on a linebacker, that would be great. One linebacker I would not be mad if the Titans got is Edgerrin Cooper out of Texas A&M.


Copper looks like a very good strong athlete. Nothing looks too freakish about him but he does appear to be super balanced. Great speed with a 4.51 forty yard dash and his production went up noticeably as a senior in 2023. Cooper posted career highs in tackles and tackles for loss as a senior. He also posted eight of his eight and half total college career sacks in 2023!

I can't say if Cooper will be a superstar or not, but I do believe he instantly adds value to this Titans team.


All I can do is wonder!!! Wouldn't mad if the Titans took a receiver though.