Super Bowl #3!! Titans vs Raiders - Madden 24 UT + Titans Draft Thoughts

This was a really great Super Bowl! So glad it's a full game, it was a lot more entertaining than my first and way more entertaining than my second.

I started the game out hot, taking a 14-0 lead but thanks to some mistakes I let my opponent back in the game. At one point extremely late in the third quarter, at the 18:00 minute mark of the video, I threw a brutal interception that potentially could have led to me being down two scores. But I responded with a huge Roger McCreary interception to keep me in the game.

Later in the fourth, approaching the two minute warning and at the 20:48 mark of the video, Patrick Peterson made a legendary pick-six. I was TOOOO excited. In the end the game led to a last second game winning field goal!

It feels really nice to get a Super Bowl with Steve McNair at QB. This was a really fun run overall! I've now got a ring with the newest Titans starting QB and a Titans' legend.

I wonder who the next great Titan will be? I wonder if Will Levis can one day be as good better than McNair was?

Thinking of past and current Titans, I wonder who the next Titans rookie will be? The Titans hold the seventh pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, as well as the 38th pick. They have eight picks in total.

I feel like the Titans will choose Notre Dame offensive tackle Joe Alt. Alt is the best offensive lineman in the draft according to most. I think since the Titans have been fairly bold this offseason, maybe they should play it safe and smart and get a young tackle like Alt to help further solidify the offense. Alt is a gigantic dude with excellent athleticism since he was actually a former tight end.


This is a really intriguing draft and I hope to ramp up my knowledge and research on the players soon.