The St. Patrick's Day Super Bowl Run of 2024! πŸ€ Capturing My Second Lombardi! Game 1 +2 - Madden 24 UT

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I FINALLY achieved Super Bowl #2!!!! Feels good man. It was definitely an interesting run for reasons I'll share in the next coming posts. But bottom line is I got the chip baby!

This run happened on St. Patrick's day! I like to put the date in my videos because, well why not and I discovered that I actually got this one done on the lucky holiday. I'm not Irish, but I'll have to give it up to the luck of the Irish on this one.

I decided to combine games one and two into one video because basically I just felt like it. These games are not TOO exciting and they're fairly short.

The second game, which starts at about the 6:20 mark, may be boring to some but it was really intense to play. Super low-scoring. It was 3-0 the entire game. I had an insane goal line stop to end the first half at about the 14:32 mark.

THEN at about the 19:38 mark of the video, the game was approaching the two minute warning and my opponent was in the redzone when BANG I get a massive pick-six to force a concede!!

Whew man, those low scoring games can really make me sweat!



A post probably exists where I hated on the Jags for signing Ridley last season. It likely came from jealousy and the fact that I hadn't really seen Ridley play much considering he played in the NFC prior to last year and he missed basically a season and a half.

But considering the fact that the Titans need him, I saw him play first hand a lot last year and tear up the Titans at times, AND the fact that D-Hop is still in Tennessee MAN this is awesome stuff and I am pretty excited!