The St. Patrick's Day Super Bowl Run of 2024! 🍀 Capturing My Second Lombardi! Game 3 + 4 - Madden 24 UT

The quest for my second Super Bowl continues with wins three and four.

I forgot to mention last time that I finally got Steve McNair! So happy to get the job done with him at QB. He's possibly my favorite athlete ever!

In the first game, the game that takes up ninety-nine percent of the video, I actually had to face McNair who was quarterbacking the Browns. Interestingly enough, the game went to double overtime!

I don't know what I was doing when I almost choked my two touchdown lead away. I was just in a fog or something.



I was really falling apart for awhile there! I had just lost my prior game and didn't want to lose. Glad I finally got my crap together in the end!

The second game takes approximately ninety seconds. Right off the bat Devin Hester was absolutely decked by my squad on the opening kick off. Next play I score. Two plays, and that's all she wrote!



That's about it for this post. The journey continues soon!