The St. Patrick's Day Super Bowl Run of 2024! πŸ€ Capturing My Second Lombardi! - Madden 24 UT

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The finale of my St. Patty's Day Super Bowl run!

I must mention, there is a slight flaw in this run, and that flaw is the fact that I was sorta really struggling in the Wild Card round of this game. Somehow the game disconnected and I got rewarded with a win anyway. Maybe I had better internet, maybe my opponent's was just bad. Maybe I just got lucky. I don't know.

A win's a win baby. I definitely felt weird about getting handed a playoff victory, but I wasn't going to try and lose on purpose either!



I went ahead and did my best and I got the job done in the end! The divisional game was particularly suspenseful! I'm pretty proud of it for sure. I was annoyed at how I was playing on defense, but otherwise I was happy with how I handled that close game! The last drive starting at the 15:49 mark was seriously heart pounding. At roughly the 17:07 mark, using McNair, I hit an absolutely INSANE pass for fourth down conversion which essentially saved my season! Fun stuff for sure!

The Super Bowl was actually fairly easy after that! After that insane Divisional Game, I really did not want to let this Super Bowl slip away. It stinks that the Super Bowl didn't end with the proper fun celebration but I mean, oh well! I'm glad I got it in my first one, and glad I won one with Steve McNair this time!!

I actually created playlists for both of these runs also.

- First Super Bowl Run Ever

- St. Patty's Day Super Bowl Run





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