The St. Patrick's Day Super Bowl Run of 2024! 🍀 Capturing My Second Lombardi! Playoff Clinching Game - Madden 24 UT

Sharing my game clinching victory of course. This was a pretty tough game but I was in control for the most part.

I was facing a Tua Tagovailoa led Patriots team. Can't say I have faced Tua too often in Ultimate Team. It was interesting to see him on a different AFC East team.

Speaking of the Patriots, I have no clue what their future will be. That entire Patriots dynasty is entirely over and man it is pretty trippy to think about. No Tom, no Belichick. Weird man. My whole football life, the Patriots have been winning. I'm not even a Patriots fan and it sorta feels sad in a way. Can't imagine what Patriots fans must be feeling like.


It's honestly pretty fascinating to think about. I wonder if even Belichick will ever coach again! He's pretty old and I wonder how much he really cares to start with a whole new franchise.


I wonder how Jerod Mayo will do as a head coach. I remember when he got drafted as a player in 2008! He's only 38 as well so that's a much different feel after Belichick.



I know this is a Titans page but I do love NFL football and playing Ultimate team really makes me think about the game in different ways I guess.

Hopefully the Titans will be the next dynasty for the next 20 years! Ya just never know.

Titans sign a d-lineman! Sebastian Joseph-Day. A seasoned average player, just a one year deal as well. But he's definitely a solid piece. Definitely a borderline starter!