House Hunting - Part 3

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Photo by Nicolas Gonzalez on Unsplash

A little cutie house popped up today and it might be the one, but I'm fighting getting excited about it because ...

Well, because the disappointment in the price and condition of the last one, and the knowledge that there will be a lot of competition for it. But I WANT to get excited about it, because it's amazingly cute and exactly what I pictured us in but never thought we could achieve.

It's older than our current house, a little smaller, and is in a very old area of town. Lots of history.

It does need a little work, but seems manageable.

I'm going to see it on Friday. <squee!>

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Boy, that is little...

Good luck! It is adorable!!! Little houses can be cute as long as they aren't too small. I need to breathe! The second house, first house? If it is your main house, I like a little more room.

I'm excited for you! I got to see a house this week too!

Ah, that's just a stock photo. The one I'm going to see hasn't been advertised yet so I couldn't show a picture. The little blue house in the photo is very cute though :-)

I am sure that you will show us pictures as soon as you can! And yes, it is adorable!