Saturday Observations

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Now that the study semester has ended and work is quieter, I'm trying to be more mindful of how I spend my downtime. Firstly, with the reading for pleasure not study. Secondly, with actually stopping and physically resting. And thirdly, by properly disengaging from work and focusing my mind on leisure activities.

This weekend I'm dogsitting for a friend, which has the added bonus of pulling me away from housework and other things that I would use to distract myself and keep busy. Instead, I spent time this afternoon relaxing in an outdoor chair, enjoying the feel of the breeze across my face and just chilling. I challenged myself to let go of anything I thought I had to do, and just relax and observe the world. These are a few of the things observed.

There was this amazingly detailed paper wasp nest that had falled from the eaves during the recent heavy rain. Unfortunately I think the soaking will have ended any chance the unhatched cells may have had. I didn't realise that the honeycomb pattern of the paperthin cells is created using wood pulp, so it really is a paper nest.

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In a rock garden wall, a Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi (lavender scallops) was growing quite determinedly. Perched on one of it's tinged scallops was a teeny tiny insect.

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There's a lot of insects around at the moment. It's the season for it, and all the rain will have helped their reproduction along. Tonight the windows are being continually buzzed by Christmas beetles, attracted by the light.

The last thing I did today was take my furry charge for a walk. We wandered along a (very) short section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail.

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Last time we walked along here we saw a tiny grey rabbit scurry off into the grass along the path. It was very cute, but they are declared a serious pest here in Queensland. On today's walk we saw two ducks, who were in no hurry to get out of our way or off the path until I tried to take a photo. Then they faded into the grass at super speed!

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