Sheep In Suburbia

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I had the chance to stop and chat with this young lady on the way home today. She and her friends are a lovely little surprise on a very grassy block in the middle of suburbia.

They live directly across the road from me, a very busy road with almost continual traffic and three different bus routes. It's also just around the corner from the train station and supermarket, and down the street from a shopping centre. So a very surprising location to find sheep tucked away.

It's nice though. You get to say hello when they're in the top yard, and it's not unusual to wake up on a Saturday morning to the sound of happy baa-ing over the weekend traffic.


These ladies lead a pretty relaxed life. Their grassed area is quite large and runs in between the houses, with the one little section jutting up to the road. They live alongside a flock of chickens, and the gum trees on their block are home to the local kookaburra family.

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It is always nice to get a glimpse of farm life. Especially when it's amongst modern life. Those sheep look like they are living the good life. Thanks for sharing them with us.