Sorting All The Things

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I'm just beginning what I'm thinking of as Phase 3 of minimising our possessions in preparation for moving house. Phase 1 was removing everything that we didn't need. Phase 2 was boxing up what was left, the "keepers", and only leaving out the items we were currently using.

While I did go through EVERY drawer, cupboard, shelf and storage box, it was a very quick exercise. I had a deadline to get the house organised and depersonalised ready for the real estate photos, so there are quite a few boxes with labels stating "Needs A Re-Sort". I'm not too worried about these. They're out of the way and can safely wait until after we move.

There are a few items left from Phase 1 that I still need to get rid of though, a couple of them bigger things. There's also several drawers and cupboards that need a revisit - like the utensil drawer pictured.

So that's what the rest of this week and the weekend are all about - once again sorting all the things. Going back through and purging more items. Packing up anything we're not likely to use in the next three months. Although that triggers the thought - if we're not going to use it in the next three months, would we use it at all in the future? Hmm ...

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Don't envy you moving... I couldn't imagine sorting this house out...