Tired Thursday

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So tired tonight, and it's only Thursday. Still have the rest of the week to go.

Last night and today were super busy at work as we had a major system move. I was up late testing, and testing again. Then this morning was an early start to reconfigure equipment at multiple locations, followed by more testing. By 3pm I was struggling to stay awake and headed home early. I've been resting since I got here, but sleep is being elusive.

I've noticed that I seem to get tired so much quicker now a days. I haven't worked out yet if it's just age related, a carry over from last years illness, unhealthy lifestyle habits, or if I'm simply being very busy. I suspect it's a combination of all four. I've had a health checkup recently, so at least I know it's nothing worrisome.

I think it's time for a bit of a lifestyle overhaul though. There's no real vices, just a bad habit of snacking and, since the illness, not being active enough. I also need to get back into an 8 hours a night unbroken sleep routine.

I'm going to check out the Fast 800 (well, the 5:2 aspect of it) for my diet and get a new step tracker, as I find competing against my previous day's total a motivating challenge. I think scheduling in some walks to start with, until I can build it into a regular daily routine. Not sure what to do about the sleep one as I seem to have made the multiple early morning wake ups a habit.

Do you have any tips that may help?

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We'll I "hear" You on needing 8 hours sleep cause having two little children and working full time has taken it's told on me... My advice is you take it easy on yourself, I know we are our own hardest critics and that can bring us down a bit. Take care and hope you feel better soon! untitled.gif