Yard Tales - The Jungle Is Back

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Well, the jungle is well and truly back. It only took a couple of days of rain for the yard to explode in knee-high grass. It truly looks like this again.

As painful as all that grass is going to be to mow, everything is growing so well. I'm a little disappointed I didn't plant much this year, but we weren't sure how long we'd be in the house. At this stage, it's now looking like until March, so I definitely could have got a few things in and harvested.

One good thing from the rain is that all the plants I transferred to pots in anticipation of our move have had a good drink and are looking nice and healthy. These succulents suffered a little with the initial move but have bounced back like champs.


My frangipani cuttings went dormant over winter, and I ended up losing one. The others are doing well, though. Unfortunately, I didn't label them when I potted them (I know, facepalm), so I only know for sure what colour the first one is - a gorgeous white and deep yellow. Today I finally had a hint at what colour another one is - a lovely pink one. Now to wait and see which of the remaining ones is a fruit salad colour.


The other star is the pawpaw tree visible in the header photo. It sprang up in one of the raised gardens, most likely from a rogue seed when I sowed a heap in a pot nearby. It was strong and healthy, so I decided to leave it there. It's a little way out from the shed, so I don't think it will bother anything there.

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Papaya or we called paipa plant 🤣🤣