Hive Blog Posting Month (aka #HiveBloPoMo) starts November 1st 2023!

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Happy Halloween! Tomorrow begins a new month, which as always means another Hive Power Up Day, but in November and April, it also means the beginning of 30 days of blogging craziness. So yes, the time for #HiveBloPoMo (Hive Blog Posting Month) is upon us once again!

Speaking of Power Up Day, a quick aside for those who have noticed and/or asked - yes, I've been mostly absent for the better part of the month, not too long after I'd promised to get the Power Up Day giveaways and such caught up. The quick explanation is that I was first hit with some physical ailments, which were quickly followed by one of the worst depression/anxiety spells I've had in years, with the icing on the yuck cake of realizing that our finances are in worse shape than I thought. Of course lots of big things are coming up that need attention (like oil for the winter, pumping our septic, etc). Long whiny story short, I've been focusing the little energy I've got on immediate daily things (bringing the youngest to work, shopping, laundry) and trying to get myself back on track again. Apologies to all, and I will do my best to make it up to everyone.

Oh, and I'm also hosting a Halloween themed #HiveChat later today on Twitter, probably in four or five hours from now. I'm not sure exactly sure when I'll be back home (heading out now for a bit), so I'm waiting on the announcement tweet until I know for sure. Keep your eyes on my Twitter (nope, not calling it X) profile for all the details when I have them.

Now, back to the blog posting month stuff (which, no surprise after what I've said, but I'm not sure I'll be actively participating this year) - I've written about this twice-a-year initiative a number of times before (links below), so I'll as usual (aka, most of this is copy/pasted from prior announcements 😜 ) I'll do a quick roundup of what to expect over the next four weeks.

What is HiveBloPoMo

I'm a huge fan of the original NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) that started back in 1999 and after I discovered it in 2007, I took part many times. Then I found the offshoot NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) and made the questionable choice to attempt both back in 2014. I'm happy to say that not only was I able to complete both challenges that year, it also gave my blogging a well needed kick in the pants and I've been ( consistently blogging ever since.

Back on our legacy chain, I decided to create a blockchain version of the blogging challenge, which naturally followed over here on Hive. It runs twice a year in April and November (the traditional PoMo months), and while it's essentially a personal challenge (meaning nothing is being offered for a prize pool), it's a great opportunity to connect with other bloggers and get your blogging skills honed and polished.

Okay, but what exactly is Hive Blog Posting Month?

  • Post daily on the Hive Blockchain for the month of November 2023
  • Win the amazeballs feeling of having 30 new posts earning crypto on the Hive blockchain!

Yes, it's that simple. And (for me) wicked difficult! 😂

All the links to my previous Hive Blog Posting Month announcement posts with more info


Is there a Hive Blog Posting Month community?

Yes, not only is there a HiveBloPoMo Hive account, and a Twitter account, there is also the HiveBloPoMo Community that I created on October 28th, 2021. However to be clear, there's no "rule" or anything about posting to the community - I made it to make it easier to find HiveBloPoMo posts, and to help people participating in the initiative to connect. I'm not actively curating it (yet) or anything like that, so it's a completely optional thing if you want to post and/or crosspost to it.


What should I post about?

Anything you like! But if you're like me, there are times that you just can't pull anything out of your brain, so last November, I finally put together a monthly calendar of daily blogging prompts. There are a bunch of topics that are Hive specific (like #SublimeSunday, #WednesdayWalk, and #MarketFriday), but others that are more general (like #Caturday and #ThrowbackThursday). I've also included some fun and/or thought-provoking "Holidays" that I found on the website Holiday Insights. If you want more information about a specific holiday mentioned on my calendar, you can check out their November Holidays - Daily Calendar National, World Days page, scroll down to the date, and there are clickable links that tell you more about the celebration.


HiveBloPoMo November 2023 Calendar.png


Back in April of 2022, @shadowspub also reminded me that she has an awesome email list that sends out a variety of daily prompts. Here's a copy of what she has in the footer of all her posts -

image courtesy of @shadowspub

"Would you like to receive writing prompts every day? You can subscribe to Prompt A Day to get started."


Are there any other 30 day challenges for November?

I'm so glad you asked! Yes, this November marks the 16th anniversary of @epodcaster's #NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month) and for the third year in a row, she's hosting it on Hive as well. Be sure to check out her page for more information, or take a peek at her Hive profile for helpful posts like, NaPodPoMo 101: Getting Started. Oh, and last year she set up a NaPodPoMo Community as well.


That's it!

Good luck to everyone giving this (or any of the other 30 day challenges) a go! Please feel free to shout out if you have any questions and Happy Hive Blog Posting (and an early happy Hive Power Up Day as well)!

Oh, and again...


Thanks for stopping by!

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Speaking of witch which...



{{hugs}} the trials and tribulations of life have a way of coming out of left field and stunning us for a moment or two. Take care of what is important (you and your family). We're here whenever you can be, need to be, want to be.

Thanks for mentioning NaPodPoMo. Bringing the 30-day podcasting challenge to Hive was a big game changer for me. I'm oh so glad I did. I enjoyed listening to your episodes during last year's challenge. And hope at some point to hear more in a future challenge in the coming years.

Wave Media

Hey @traciyork, it would be really cool and helpful if you could "pin" this post in the HiveBloPoMo group, so people could have easy access to your handy table of possible topics!

Pretty please, with sugar dumplings on top?

Thanks Traci!

Hallloooo... Happy #HiveBloPoMo. Haha.

This is awesome. I will like to get into this and see what I can come up with after 30 days of #HiveBloPoMo. Haha. I joined NAPODPOMO last year and the experience was delightful.

So sorry about your health. I wish you full recovery on that. Life sure has its way of making things rough and tough.

I remember I completed the 30 days of this challenge last April 2023, that was my first time achieving the Monthly Author Badge because of the Hive Blog Posting Month Challenge. Many that are dear Traciyork! I hope to join once more this month. Thank you so much!

Hello, @traciyork I am sorry you had to go through that lot ranging from your physical health and all. I have been sick for the first 7 to half of 8 months of this year, which took a huge blow on my physical, emotional, financial, and intellectual side of living. But, I am glad I am better physically now.

I'll love to participate in this because I write daily. Hehe. But, I don't write in some of the communities that go with the topics. Can I just do my posts every day and use the #nablopomo tag? Thank you 😊.

And welcome back.

Ah, there you are!

Sounds like you have been quite a bit "through the wringer," so to speak... I was actually in the middle of an explanatory "Day 0" post when this popped up... in case we were going to do the "self-guided" thing this year.

Great to "see" you, though! Ready to give this another go!

So there are initiatives for that. I'm already on 10 months for my Buzzy Bee Medal and 2 more to go. It looks like an interesting schedule for people who tend to have a hard time trying to make up their mind for blogging.

Who is this lady? This was your first post in 7 months Traci, not counting your Power Up days posts! I hope you're back haha.

I'm so sorry to hear you've not been well Traci, it's not been a good year for many of us. That nasty depression/anxiety bug is the worst kind of illness, been there, done it, understand it's not something one can easily 'shake off', glad you're feeling a tad better. Health issues unfortunately eats into one's budget big time, enough to make one sick again. Hive has come to my rescue a couple of times, that's such a bonus!
PUM - I cannot keep up, well done to Hivers who manage to be so disciplined!

Done - #HPuD & #HiveBloPoMo & $HIVE delegations & $ZING - one post, two goals, as already stated under #hpud post

Thanks again


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