Varied Weapons - Drop That Chaos Fortnite Athenascope Showcase

I have another Athenascope Fortnite Showcase video today. This one is for my Fortnite gameplay for the week ended 23 November 2021. This footage has not been streamed on my Youtube or Twitch, so it has not been seen before.

I slightly edited this video. I did not edit the gameplay footage at all - that was all done by the Athenascope AI - but I included my text on the end to credit my supporters on Buy Me a Coffee.

This video was focused primarily on the Battle Royale modes but started with a clip of me playing in a creative zone wars map with my nephew and friends. In terms of the Battle Royale modes, this video includes footage of trios, and throughout the span of the entire gameplay shown I played with my partner, my nephew and two of our friends. I also played other modes, including solo, but the ai didn't choose any of the kills from those modes for whatever reason.

You can find the video here on YouTube:

It is also on my Dtube channel, birchmark42 and I also have a cropped version on my tiktok channel, birchmark.

I used a variety of weapons this time around. I am still getting used to the recoil on the combat assault rifle. I try to use a variety of weapons so that I'm not caught out when my less preferred ones are the ones I'm stuck with in a fight, but I can't say that I'm a huge fan of the combat assault rifle at this point. The damage is nice but I really don't like the recoil. I'm guessing I'd adjust to it with more practice, but it feels quite out of control to me at this point.

Athenascope's Showcases are montages with music added to it that you only get if your footage meets certain requirements during the week. As I do not have an elgato setup, these Showcases at this point only include my PC games of Fortnite, not any games I play on the Nintendo Switch. The song added to this week's Fortnite Showcase was Drop That Chaos.

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