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Beat poets had a trick back in the day - to write and not take a word back
To meander in and out to find the truth of where their minds reside
And so here to honour that tradition, we wonder in the open-ness of mind, and discover what it means to shine meaning on the insubstantial truth of Big Sky
Where all is one and identity resides in knowing
We rely on all and everything
We are the stuff of stars.



For more information, check out Big Sky Mind, Carole Tonkinson, ed.


Thanks always to the awesomely talented @ryivhnn for my footer! May all beings be happy!

Tree in Sky photo: DrWom


If we are using your community and support it. Do you have any support or Upvote?

Thanks for the question! I haven’t really thought about it yet but I will.
I will obviously upvote everyone who joins here, and while my voting power isn’t huge 😂, like all of us I hope to increase it over time.
Hopefully, if we get a community together, we will all upvote each other.
To be honest though, I personally find writing in this style enormously rewarding from a creative perspective and I hope others will have the same experience!

Yay! 🤗
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