Dawn on an alien planet

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Alpha Centauri A, a bright presence in the (semi) night sky
as Centauri B breaks

over the horizon

of Pristine.


See it here: the beguiling strange of alien -

unpolluted by human hands.

So far.

So far.

Yet human hands extend

far far beyond the reach of mortal beings.

Who wields this destructive hand?

Not humanity, that's clear.

We who chanced it all, now to be ruled by bloodless hordes: the real colonisers of this land.

For the corporation demands its pound of flesh. Payment in full: alive or dead.

New beginnings... but even twin stars combined cannot show darkness brought inside

stashed inside

inside of us:

A plague upon this place.

This world.

This promise ever unfulfilled.

Poem and artwork by Theos Rewold (Mars CE 2190). Original image stored at in the United Earth Museum of Advancement on Pristine https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001004776


Total thanks to @ryivhnn for my awesome Wombat footer!
May all beings be happy!


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