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We are now into the 3rd round of our Stacker of the Week polls and we’re starting to get the hang of things!


Our first winner @ironshield today received his payout of an extra 8.639 HBD and 20.823 HP for his great post and it looks like our second winner from last week might get a similar amount. That winner of course was @kerrislravehhill for her excellent post Black Flag Series: 2022 Tuvalu Silver 1 Dollar - The Rising Sun She just edged out another of our great lady stackers @dfinney who deserves an honorable mention as she fell just 1 vote short with her Viva Las Vegas 2023 post.

You can see all the Round 2 winners and all of the community poll results HERE Last round there were already 17 communities taking part in this initiative and by the look of the momentum building it’s only going to get bigger and better from here.

This week the posts to check out and vote on for the Silver Gold Stackers community are :-

  1. Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) Shutting Down
    @bengy shares his experience with the Perth Mint Gold Token and breaks the bad news

  2. Grenada Caribbean Reef Octopus 1oz Silver Seaworthy Coin
    @mraggaj shows off his Reef Octopus coin from Grenada - another seaworthy stack item

  3. 2023 Japanese Trade Dollar Silver Coin
    @silversaver888 takes us back to the future with a look at the new Japanese Trade Dollar

  4. The Reason We Went to Vegas - An Epic Metals Entry
    @enginewitty demonstrates what the Vegas trip was all about with a glorious stacker showcase

To vote on our next Stacker of the Week please head on over to the new poll HERE and make sure you are logged in to the site so that you can see the formal poll there. Before you vote the poll thread should look like this :-


In round one we got 15 voters and in round 2 we got up to 19 so as the momentum builds for this new initiative we can hopefully top this number again this week. Also, feel free to click through to any of the nominated posts and vote directly on those posts to support your choice. Last weeks great winner @kerrislravenhill will be getting 60% of the author rewards for this post along with another 20% of it going to @weeklytops for promotion so chuck a vote on this post too if you can and help us get behind the latest, greatest content promotion for HIVE that we’ve seen to date.

Thank you for your support!


Very difficult just like before, but finally was able to pick one. Great job everyone from last week, and great picks for this week as well.

Thanks for putting me in the ballot!

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You are one of our most consistent quality content creators here at SGS so it's well deserved!

Awww... thank you. Let's keep it alive, well, and going, @buggedout!

I’m confused. How do I vote just using the site here? I don’t use keychain so can’t log in via tuu go is other layer.
I’m on page can I not just vote here?

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Sorry, the poll functionality is new and only available on the site
Hopefully soon it will be incorporated into the main leofinance site, but until then it's only available on the alpha one.

Amazing initiative to reward good authors and looking forward to enter the competition in near future.. keep it going!

Congratulations to the previous winners
I believe that this is also a good way to motivate people here.
Kudos to you!!

Reblogging this post to vote for my choice from my computer.

Congratulations to all the winners of round 2. Best of luck to the nominations of round 3. I hope winners will be very happy after having this awesome reward! I love #Hive and #HBD 😍🥰

Tough choice they are all great! Congratulations to @kerrislravehhill for her win!
It will be interesting to see who wins this one, my vote is in!

Congratulations to the winners victory always strengthens intentions and best of luck for those who participated in this race but could not win.

All these entries are very great and amazing. Many many congratulations to the winners and best of luck next contest participants.

Nice. congrats to all the winners! 😉🤙

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Great initiative, this is an awesome way to appreciate good people's, congratulations to winners

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