2022 1oz Silver Asahi "Merry Christmas" Round / Reblog lottery

Last December, my bullion dealer offered up some Asahi Christmas rounds. Normally, I wouldn't bother with Christmas-related bullion unless it was dirt cheap. I made an exception on these for a reason, but first let's look at these.


The obverse has a very simple design featuring "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" along with some reindeer and picture of the world with stars across it. The stock picture doesn't do it justice, because these look excellent in hand.


The reverse features Santa flying across the sky, above a small town consisting of a few houses and a church. This is an excellent example of where "less is more."

The only reason I picked up these rounds instead of skipping over them was this.

My dealer also offered up air tite containers that have a loop at the top, so they can be hung up as ornaments!

Weight: 1 Troy oz
Purity: .999
Diameter: 38.61 mm

When my boys get older, move out, and start families of their own, they'll each get one as a keepsake to go on their first Christmas tree away from home. 😁

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Merry Christmas @bulliontools
Belated 2022 Merry Christmas too. 🎄

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you, too! 😀


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Nice! They sure produce some nice silver rounds. I hadn't seen any Christmas themed ones from them before, that's cool!

Thanks! They have the 2023s out, and I think they did a great job with them.

Wave Media

I'll have to head on over and take a look!

Here's the other side, since for some reason it won't let me put 2 pictures in one reply.

Wave Media


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I wanted one of those last year. Every time I went to buy they were out of them. 🥲

I'm sorry 😞

They have 2023s out that I think look even better.

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Here's the back of the new 2023 rounds

Wave Media


I appreciate the thought and upvote! 😁

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That's pretty cool they got a silver round ornament love it !BBH

The best part is that the air tite can be used on any round, so you could turn any proper size coin or round into an ornament. 😁

I wonder if they sell these capsules would be cool to have a bunch on a tree , I believe someone does something like this but I don't remember how they go about it !BBH

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