Local Coin Shop Silver Bar 1/31/2023

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This National Refiners & Assayers Silver Bar was probably minted in the 1980s, with 0.999, pure Silver. The Local Coin Shop price was $28.75, each. The LCS also had an Englehard Silver Bar, for the same price. Similar to one I posted, a few weeks ago. I thought National Refiners & Assayers were from Canada. I could not find much information, on the Company. Maybe they expanded, outside of Canada. What was cool was a Gold-Plated, Clad, Washington Quarter, included in the change. I really couldn't capture the beauty, of the Coin, in the photo. Somebody put a lot of work & creativity into this, otherwise, common, US Quarter Dollar.








This is not intended to be any kind of financial advice. This is all about a fun hobby, of collecting, stacking & sharing Silver Coins, Treasures, and such. Thanks again for checking it out, on #silvergoldstackers, where Stackers show & share their treasures, thought & ideas.



That's a pretty blessed bar

Sweet vintage silver, how vintage? I don't know, it's just Sweet!

Both the National Prayer Hands and the Gold Plated Quarter look awesome. Neat finds. I need to find more shops around me to drop in on from time to time. 👍

A great selection of coins. All have symbolic values and so collectible !

Very cool! This is why I like to frequent small jewelry shops and places that buy and sell gold. You can find really cool stuff to add to your collection just like this. Thanks for sharing and keep on stacking!