🪙 The New Closest To The Pin Contest! The (GC00) Gold Continuous Contract!  & Last Contests Winner! 🪙

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** If No Upvote or entry fee instead as per rules below the guess will not count***


New Contest Is The (GC00) Gold Continuous Contract!

Guess The Price (GC00) Gold Contract will be Friday April 28th at close. 📉


Have guess In by Market Close Friday April 21st 4/21/23 (posting late so until payout is fine) what price will be at close 4/28/23…

Rules/Here’s how it works 👇

  • Comment below and Guess the price you think the (GC00) Gold Continuous Contract will be 4/28/23 at market/contract close.

  • Have guess in by rewards payout (7 days after posted)

  • Winner gets all HBD author rewards!

  • Upvote Post! (Please register at least .01 value Vote) (At least .01 penny USD for guess to count) if you can’t upvote at least a penny you must send 0.1 Hive or .05 HBD for entry to count. This is for filtering spam guesses.

  • Not price is right rules! (It doesn’t matter if it’s higher or lower to price, just closest wins)

  • If a tie occurs - if posted a full day prior to other guess the oldest guess wins. If it’s under 24 hour difference the prize will be split 50/50 but given contest size this won’t happen often if ever.
    Please just pick different guess than others! It’s only a dozen or so people guessing and shouldn’t be hard 👍

Cheers and good luck my friends 🍻 Have a great weekend 👍


Last Weeks Winner! ⬇️ 🪙🙌🪙🙌🪙

Silver Contract Contest Guesses ⬇️

geneeverett - $27.27
fw206 - $26.11
thebighigg - $25.25
borsengelaber - $25.25 ****
(Day B4 No Tie)
thefed - $25.24
davedickeyyall - $24.50
kerrislravenhill - $24.21
silverd510 - $23.57
jfang003 - $23.00
dswigle - $22.70
methodofmad - $20.20

Silver Contract Price
at 4/14/23 5pm Close ⬇️

Previous Contest Winner
with guess of $25.25 is @borsengelaber




Good luck everyone! 2024

Isn’t it wild it’s going to be 2024 in 8.5 months 🤯. Time flies!

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My Friend, please read post rules above in post. Upvote must be .01 USD Value or higher for guess to count. Or a small entry fee can be sent instead. Current value is .006


You missed it. They also guesses the same guess as you days later so they can’t win anyway no?

Guess doesn’t count **

Please read rules in post ⬆️