SILVER REVIEW - 2012 SBSS Debt And Death - 20210801

2012 SBSS Debt And Death

This silver round states: "IN DEBT AND DEATH THEY TRUST"

Debt and Death paradigm. The Debt and Death silver rounds memorialize the corrupt debt and more debt paradigm created by the elites, banks and government.

Governments around the world are continuing to increase debt. Governments and Central Banks are printing massive amounts of currency. Trillions of new currency. Trillions of debts.

Individuals are also continuing to increase debt. Inflation is out of control. Individuals are purchasing durable goods at inflated prices due to easy money, easy loans, easy debt.


- 2012 SBSS Debt And Death

Midwest USA - 2012 SBSS Debt And Death

Photo taken by me . . . . .



And there are 4 types of this design since it first came out back in 2012 an that goes back to when its creator Chris Dwayne started the Silver Bullet Silver Shield.

The message is Even LOUDER Today as there are central bankers printing more and more currency, devaluing the currency, and leaving the populations burdened with Increasing and Crushing national and personal debt.

Thanks for showing Chris Duane's Silver Bullet Silver Shield Coin's message, @goldkey. He has a message on almost all of his coins.

His message Screams Louder Today than ever before.

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