Are you ready for some love ?

Hi Stackers,

Two coins on top of eachother is called a stack ; two people on eachother is called love.

This post is especially for @enginewitty

(2022 version)

The Moments of Love series is minted by Mint XXI and started in 2019 already. I never noticed it but have today. I am sharing these as seen elsewhere and these are no NSFW items I guess. In the past Kamasutra sculptures were on the in- and outside of temples so why not on Hive?

The coin is 3 ounces and a coin for Cameroon. (There it might me be an issue as Islam country); mintage each 500

So let's see the earlier ones as well ok?





What you think?



Those look sweet but probably very expensive with such a low mintage

Ah ha ha, when I saw the photo before I even opened your post I thought, oh @enginewitty will like these. 😁

Must haves now. 😍

Crazy Hawt 😍 love is the best thing and sexy shiny love 🔥 even more amazing... Love it.

Damn, I think I have found my coin. The coin made just for me. This is the silver of my silver, the mint of my mint, it shall be called Wonevies. 😅

Those are fucking amazing! Totally could use the #boobsforwitty tag on this sexy ass post! Tanks for thinking of me 😁

You better be 18 and over.

It's loving coin. The designs are so beautiful !

Oops. Perhaps we should name this coin love silver coin

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