The schelling explained

Hi stackers,

The other day I showed you these 2 Schellings:


The rider-schelling or silver rider


The scheepjes - schelling (liitle ship schelling)

But what does this SCHELLING mean and is it the same as Shilling?

In current Dutch language the word schelling does not have a meaning but the etymology says that Gothic tribes called the old ROman solidus Skilliggs , he Normans said Skillingr adn Old English Scilling where HighGerman used Schilling.

The word meant "cut"or "divided" and can be found in current word Schillen that we use for cut in cutting/peeling an apple/pear/banana.
The schelling was 1/20 of a Karolinger pound (406 gr). The Austrian Schilling was only replaced in 2001 by the Euro

In the Netherlands Repblic (1581) the Schelling had various appearances and it were the Hanze cities that minted their own schellingen like the gold ducats; all for trade purpose as the ordinary poor citizen paid with stuivers:

  1. riderschelling
  2. eagleschellingen (for trade with the Germans who loved the design)
  3. rose hatschelling ( a lion with a spear with a spanish hat on top)
  4. shipschelling
  5. and snaphaanschelling (knight in tournament outfit)

The snaphaan was minted by the Duke of Gelre portraying himself ofcourse in Knight outfit.

I end with some pics from wikipedia of the original schelling that I now have as restrike.




(some of you have published about the spanish 8 reales before; a similar story of a coin representing a part of a bigger weight/coin)


I just want to be chilling counting shelling, those are beautiful

The silver riding coin. Look quite good and amazing I must confess

The Silver coin is nice. It reminds me of a sovereign that looks similar !

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