Betrayal for the Silver Price of a Bull

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Observing the Passover tomorrow, we remember the events leading up to the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua. It is odd remembering these events almost a month later than most Christians, but our family feels it very important to mark the time carefully as there is 13th month this year.

Today is the 13th day of the month, when the disciples prepare the Passover meal, and Yeshua eats his "last supper" with his disciples. Which makes last evening's meal the "betrayal supper". It's remembered that the betrayer, Judah Ish-Kariot, was not present for the last supper.

The following are three sections of a retelling of the gospel from the four accounts (and acts) which complete the narrative of the events surrounding Judah Ish-Kariot and his betrayal, death and replacement.

The Betrayal Supper, The Twelfth Day

After Yeshua said these things, He was disturbed in His Spirit and testified and said “Amen I say to you that one of you who is reclining here shall betray Me. I tell you this before it happens, so that when it occurs you may believe that I am.”

[Yeshua] commanded us to fast [entirely] on the fourth day of the week [the twelfth of the month] on account of Him being betrayed.” Apostolic Constitution

The disciples looked at one another, perplexed concerning whom He is speaking of. One disciple, whom Yeshua loved, was lying back in the bosom of Yeshua. Simeon Kypha nodded to this person to ascertain who it was that Yeshua was speaking of. He leaned back on the chest of Yeshua and whispered to Him “Master, who is it?” Judah Ish-Kariot saw this, and despised in his heart, fulfilling the psalm:

Everyone who hates me whisper together against me. They are devising evil against me saying ’A decadent disease has been poured out upon him, now that he has reclined, He shall not rise again’… Psalm 41:7-8

Yeshua answered him and said “I shall dip this morsel of bread and hand it to him who shall betray Me.” He dipped the morsel of bread and took it and gave it to Judah, son of Simeon Ish-Kariot. Yeshua said to him “Peace unto you Judah. Do quickly what you about to do.” For when dinner had come, the Adversary was cast into the heart of Judah, son of Simeon Ish-Kariot, that he would betray Yeshua.

…even the man bidding me peace, in whom I trusted, who eats my bread, has magnified his heel against me. Oh LORD, be gracious to me and raise me up that I may repay them. Psalm 41:9

Judah ate the morsel of bread and the Adversary entered into him. He immediately left the disciples to betray Yeshua.

No one reclining there understood why Yeshua said to Judah ‘Do quickly what you are about to do’. Some supposed that because Judah carried the purse, Yeshua was saying “Purchase for us whatever bread we lack for the festival” or that he should give something to the poor.

Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judah, son of Simeon Ish-Kariot spoke with the priests and officers how he could give Yeshua up to them. He said “If I give Him up to you, what are you willing to give me?” They rejoiced that he was willing to give up Yeshua and they agreed to pay him thirty silver pieces, as it is written:

If the bull gores a servant or maidservant, he shall give his master thirty shekels of silver and the bull shall be stoned. Exodus 21:32

They weighed thirty pieces of silver for him and they made an agreement. From that moment on Judah Ish-Kariot sought an opportunity to give up Yeshua while He was apart from the crowds, so they may have opportunity to stone Him.

‘Cursed is anyone who accepts a bribe to strike a soul of innocent blood’ Then all the people shall say ‘Amen!’ Deut 27:25

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The Last Supper, The Thirteenth Day

When they were reclining to eat, Yeshua said “Amen I say to you that one of you who is eating with Me has betrayed Me. His hand is on the table. The Son of Man must depart as it is written concerning Him: ‘The Anointed shall be cut off and there is no [offspring] from Him.’ Daniel 9:26 but woe to that man through whom the Son of Man is given up. It is also written:

Where is the resting-place of those who have betrayed the Master of Spirits? It would have been better for him to have not been born.” Enoch 38:2

The disciples became sorrowful and each of the twelve began to question among themselves which of them would do this. They asked Yeshua one by one “Am I the one who has betrayed You?” Yeshua answered them each time and said “It is he who has dipped his hand into the dish with Me.” Because all of the disciples had dipped their hand into the dish, they did not know who the betrayer was.

And on the fifth day [of the week], when we had eaten the Passover with [Yeshua], and when Judah had dipped his hand into the dish and received the sop, he had gone out by night [to give Him up]… and Judah was not present with us when He delivered us to the representative mysteries of His precious body and blood. Constitutions

At that moment Judah left the disciples, to seek those who would destroy the Anointed to give Him up to them.

The king’s scribes were called on the thirteenth day on the first month and there was written… to destroy, to kill and to cause to perish all Judeans, both young and old, little children and women in one day, even upon the thirteenth day of the twelfth month (which is the month of Adar) and to take the spoil of them for a prey. Esther 3:12-13

Judah Repents, But Too Late

When Judah Ish-Kariot, who betrayed Yeshua, saw that Yeshua was condemned to death, he repented and returned the thirty pieces of silver to the Head Priests and the elders. He said “I have sinned by giving up innocent blood. Cursed is anyone who accepts a bribe to strike a soul of innocent blood.” Yet they said “This man who says He is the Son of God is condemned to death by stoning. What is it to us that you see innocent blood?” Judah tossed the thirty silver pieces into the Temple and went off. This fulfilled what was spoken by Zechariah the prophet when he said:

“They weigh my hire, thirty silver and the LORD said to me ‘Fling it to the potter – the splendid value with which I am valued by them.’ So I took the thirty silver pieces and flung them to the minter in the House of the LORD.” Zech 11:12-13

Judah Ish-Kariot came away and strangled himself, but did not die by hanging, instead he continued to live, having been taken down before he choked to death. Papias

The Death of Judah Ish-Kariot

Now Kypha saw the disciple who loved Yeshua following Him, the one who leaned on the chest of Yeshua at dinner and said “Master, who is the one who gave you up?” Kypha saw him and said to Yeshua “Master, what of this man?” Yeshua said to him “If I should will that he should remain until I come, what is it to you? You, follow Me.” This word then came out to the brethren that Judah Ish-Kariot, the disciple who gave up Yeshua, would not die for his betrayal. Now Yeshua did not say to him that he shall not die, but “If I should will that he should remain until I come, what is it to you?” This man Judah Ish-Kariot, did indeed die as it is written in the scroll of the psalm:

May his table become a trap before him and a repayment and a snare, may his eyes become darkened, kept from seeing and may his waist become bowed low continually, pour out your wrath upon him and let Your hot anger overtake him, may his home become desolate, may no one dwell in his tents. Psalm 69:23-25

Judah Ish-Kariot acquired an apportion with his wages of injustice and became a walking example of impiety in this world: His flesh bloated to such an extent that he could not pass through a space where a chariot could easily pass. Not even the huge bulk of his head could go through.

*May his table become a trap before him and a repayment and a snare… *

Indeed, it is said that his eyelids were so swollen that it was impossible for him to see the light, but his own eyes had sunk from their outward projection they could not be seen by a physician even looking through an instrument.

…may his eyes become darkened, kept from seeing…

His genitals indeed appeared entirely disfigured and nauseous and large, but when he carried himself around discharge and worms flowed from his genitals.

…and may his waist become bowed low continually…

After many tortures and retributions, in a secluded region he fell headlong and ruptured in the middle and all of his insides poured out.

…pour out your wrath upon him and let Your hot anger overtake him…

This region became deserted and uninhabited. It is known by everyone who dwells in Jerusalem, for nobody can pass the place without shielding his nostrils with his hands, such is the afflux which went through his flesh and upon the earth. This lot is called ‘acheleck~dama’ meaning ‘apportion of blood’. Papias

…may his home become desolate, may no one dwell in his tents. Psalm 69:23-25

Judah is Replaced

In those days in that same place there was a crowd of about one hundred and twenty names. Kypha rose in the midst of the disciples and said: “Men and brethren! The scriptures must be fulfilled concerning Judah Ish-Kariot who was the guide of those who arrested Yeshua, which the Holy Spirit had spoken of beforehand through the mouth of David:

May his days come to be few, may his dispensation be taken by another. May his sons become orphans and his wife a widow. May his sons rove, yea rove so that they must beg and may they be driven out from their deserted homes. Psalm 109:7-10

Because Judah Ish-Kariot was selected for this dispensation and numbered among us, it is binding then that we pray and cast the lot for the judgment of our Master, as the proverb says:

In the bosom the lot is cast forth and from the LORD is all of His judgment. Proverbs 16:33

From all the men who have been with us from the time the Master Yeshua the Anointed came in to us and out from us (starting from the immersion of Yochanan until the day which He was taken up from us) one from among these shall become a witness of His resurrection together with us.” And two men stood up, Yuseph called Bar-Stava (who was also called Justus) and Matthias. They prayed together and said “You are the knower of all hearts, oh Master! Show us which of these two men You have chosen, that he may receive the dispensation and commission in place of Judah Ish-Kariot who has departed from life by his transgression.” And they gave lots between them and the lot fell upon Matthias and he was numbered among the twelve.


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