Searching Nickels and Finding Treasure

Going through my new roll of unsearched nickels, I found some treasure! Most were in crummy shape, but I managed to find two silver war-time nickels in the collection.

I found a 1945 P War-Time nickel with the "P" over the Monticello. It is 35% Silver and 56% copper and 9% manganese. Being 5g, these unique nickels have 1.75g of silver in them!

The second war nickel I found was 1943 P, in much better condition. It was difficult to capture on camera, but the color on this one is totally different from the others. Silver really shines compared to other metals.

I also found an handsome 1959 nickel. It had some dinks, but it's not too far from mint state.

I can even count some steps on the Monticello! This is how MS is usually determined.

Canadian Too!

I found two canadian nickels mixed in the bunch, which is exciting since Canadian nickels (from the right years) are 100% nickel, something the US never did.

A 1962 and 1968 nickel, actually made of 100% nickel.

Speaking of war, nickel is one of the historic war metals, often becoming scarce during times when demand is high.

When searching for treasure, my priority is metal, then key dates or errors, then mint state or unusual conditions. It was fun finding a few silver nickels and a few nickel nickels in this stack!


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Five Cents in U.S. Coinage "may" end up with the Spending Power of Five of today's Fiat Dollars, "if" I'm Correct about the Coming U.S. Monetary Correction... I'm not sure about Canadian Coinage...

The Canadian nickle nickels are worth more than their face value, I've collected more than a dozen rolls by now.

Very nice I only got one war nickel I got from eBay would be cool to find in change !BBH

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The price of gold and silver continues to rise, so this is very happy news for those who have been holding on to it.