Family Vacation Part 4: WE GOT RUBY'S!


Bringing you part 4 of our family vacation to LA the other week. Part 1, 2, 3 can be viewed by the clickable links. In part 3 we visited the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Of Los Angeles where we saw so many cool fossils, and history of LA. But by far my most favorite part of the tour was the Gem, And Mineral Hall. Part 3 would of been to long if I had added in this part, but in reality these precious stones deserve a whole post on their own!

By this time it was near 4 O'clock, and running around with 3 kids had us beat. Especially when we knew rush hour was about to hit. Driving over a hour to get to our Hotel 28 miles away also was killing the mood. Even with all this into play, this part of the Museum was such a nice treat, and a welcoming surprise. You can say we hit pay dirt;)

This room is impressive! It is one of the world's most valuable collections of Gems, and Minerals. I overheard a couple talking, and the gentleman was saying he actually took his time one day to view, and read each spieceman. It only took him 7 hours! Which was little of a bummer to hear, since closing time was in 40 min. Made me wish we had come across this earlier.

What made this even more exciting for us is the fact we had just finished binge watching Ice Cold Gold on the Discovery Channel. Then watching a few episodes on Opal Hunting in Australia. So our understanding on how hard it is to find some of these items gave as a unique perspective, leaving us in awe at each glance of shimmering material.

Seeing specks of gold in the pans on the Tv shows also made me wonder where exactly are the flakes coming from. Especially in the Ice Cold Gold show, since they really don't find much of anything lol. So seeing this 1.04 OZ bear shaped gold nugget was really cool.

Then seeing even more Gold had me thinking the the Museums Of LA are not playing!

I was even thinking that this had to be fake. But no lie, this is all real! The security here must be tight.

I think this was the only piece of Platinum they had. I wish I had taken more pictures of the Silver, and really more in general, but my phone did die. But I think you all can relate. After taking pictures all day, it does get tiring, and your not as invested as you where at the start.

It always starts off with me saying, "Babe I am going to take all these pictures so I can do as a detailed post as I can!" Then after a few diapers, a few miles, and 2 hyper a*$ kids, it's just point, and shoot, then move on. But of course I do my best to hang in there to add as much value to the Chain as I can. I actually find this fun! Now the question of how much value is in the eye of the beholder, ;)

I can certainly vouch 100% that I do not bring as much value as what these Opals are worth. Since I am now an expert on Opals after watching Discovery Channel, both of these specimens would fetch around 300,000 to 1,000,000$$ give or take a few hundred grand! Kidding, I don't really know, but I would bet my guess is a good one. Just 1 Carat can go for 10,000$ if it is a beautiful Opal, just like these two.

A close up of some of the Mineral's on display

Pictured left: Apophyllite, pictured right: Wulfenite

Pictured left: Autunite, pictured right: Pentagonite

Pictured left: Cavansite on Stilbite, pictured right: Amethyst

Pictured left: Rhodochrosite, pictured right: Emerald

Pictured left: Sperrylite, pictured right: Descloisite

Pictured left: Orpiment, pictured right: Rhodochrosite


Pictured left: Mesolite, pictured right: Dioptase

Pictured left: Gold on Quartz, pictured right: Barite

This is just a small fraction of what is in this room! If my phone did not die I do not think I would be able to finish this post. Many of these pictured I have not even heard of in my whole life.


My birth stone, Topaz, I also used to own a Mercury Topaz many years ago. Such a great car!

Pictured left: Fluorite, pictured right: Phenakite

Pictured left: Spodumene, pictured right: Ruby

One last view of the entrance of the NHM

This completes our day at the Muesmas at Exposition Park. Exit through the gift shop. Then off to battle the traffic of LA. All worth it! We had such a fun day, and I am glad to put it up here on Hive, where I can view it anytime in the future. My only regret is not having more time. I wish I could share more with you all as well. But really you have to visit yourself one of these days. Whether you are into fossils, gemstones, space exploration. This place has it, all on 160 acres of land! Best part about it, NO LINES;) It's a shame we have to go home tomorrow. One last day in a city so close to home, yet so far away. I am not so sure what we can do to get the most out of it.


To be continued..............


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beauty of gems and gold veins from them, a very enjoyable family trip. Thanks for your sharing

I appreciate your kind words. :)

Such beauty nature can produce! Very awesome you got to enjoy it with the family bro! Looks like an amazing place! Thanks for sharing man!

You know I did not think of that when viewing these. That is so damn true! Then the great lengths people have gone through to get their hands on a lot of these minerals is crazy.

So many cool stones. I’m glad you guys had such a great time together. I love reading posts like this where families are making memories together.

Thanks dude! I really love making this content. Just comes naturally for me :)

Just waoooooooooooo!
I've never seen variety of Ruby's at one place. In my country I don't think there is a specific place for it. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing snaps with us :)

Glad you liked it!

All those gemstone beauties, and the gold veins from them thar hills ;D looks like an amazing variety on display :)

After this trip I googled on what was the biggest piece of gold ever found, and it was close to 200 pounds, and found a few feet under the ground! Now I have gold fever lol To bad all the easy gold has basically been found already. Do you ever do any panning?

Just dipped the pan in the creek last year, but going on an over nighter with the sons up the mountain to pan in a few weeks :)

That’s awesome! Hopefully you can hit the mother lode:)