NFL sweepstakes entry is now OPEN $5 HBD


The sweeps this year will be a $5 HBD entry, only one team per person and entries available while places last with 32 being available.


The draw will be done before the season starts using a bingo machine so it will be completely random, the ball numbers for the bingo machine will be assigned to the draft order and the entrants will be assigned in the order they have entered.

The draw will take place live on twitch once all tickets are sold

When sending $5 HBD please put a note, i will put a list in the comments telling you who has entered so far.

The prizes

1 Superbowl winner receives
$80 HBD
custom silver medal (video of prize being made)
40 SPS tokens
(Winner winner chicken tikka dinner prize)

2 Superbowl runner up receives
$30 HBD
10 SPS tokens
(So close yet so far prize)

3 Team with most rushing yards in regular season
$10 HBD
10 SPS tokens
(Run Forest run prize)

4 Team conceding the most sacks in regular season
$10 HBD
10 SPS tokens
(Oh no its the Waterboy Prize)

5 Team making the most sacks in regular season
$10 HBD
10 SPS tokens
(The Waterboy prize)

6 Team with the longest field goal all season
$10 HBD
10 SPS tokens
(Can you kick it yes you can prize)

7 Team with most interceptions in regular season
$10 HBD
10 SPS tokens
(Look MUM i caught it prize)


Last years medal being made


Yep, not missing this. $5 HBD sent!

Good luck to all punters.


I'm in! Let's see if I can snatch another beauty up this round!

I just sent my 5 hbd.

Also here is some !PIZZA

@dkid14 you want a chance to win some sweet silver? @monsterjamgold makes amazing custom one of a kind pours!


Yes I'll send some HBD. I'll send later today.

You know I'm in.. I'll send in a day or so.

This sounds fun so I'm in! Just sent you my entry fee!


Just sent in 5 HBD for my entry in this years sweepstakes, hopefully I will have a better team then last year lol

So giants then lol

hahaha Can't be any worse then the Browns last year.

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I’m in! Sending now!

I better not get the Bears again 😂😂😂

Could be worse the browns have a team

Don’t jinx me now 😂

Seriously though I had a blast last season. This will look be fun no matter who I get 👍

I'm in. Sending the HBD now...

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I am in. How do I bribe you?


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Oh my God, hope I have $5 HBD to sent though 🙂