Official #silvergoldstackers Membership Post - June 30, 2023

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Authored by @dfinney

Greetings Stackers!

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I have a few things bouncing around in my brain today. Where to begin?

First off, Happy Canada Day (almost) and Happy Independence Day (almost) to our stacking fam in Canada and the USA. I hope you all have some fun holiday celebrations lined up (or a least a bit of rest and relaxation). The weather in my corner of the USA is mighty fine, and I am looking forward to a weekend and week ahead of red, white and blue snacks. :)

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I make this cake every year.

Back to Canada... did you see this post from @fat-elvis?
Looks like there is talk of shenanigans in Vancouver, BC in September. Being not too far from the border myself, I am already looking at room options. Fingers crossed the stars align.


In other news, let's welcome a new member!

@mraggaj has been nominated into the community by @buggedout with a seconds from @welshstacker and @kerrislravenhill. I see him commenting on posts all the time, which is fantastic. He is a self-proclaimed "gardener and smoke connoisseur". If you visit is his profile you will see his current posting interests include silver coins, hydroponic vegetable harvests and cannabis. Welcome officially to the community!

Becoming a Member

sgs roadmap.png

  1. Post about and be interested in collecting precious metals (silver/gold).
  2. Comment on pm posts made by other Hive users
  3. Find current members via our tags ( #silvergoldstackers for precious metals posts or #sgslife for non metals related member posts), our community page and our discord. Get to know us and we will get to know you.
  4. Get nominated to the community by a current member. ( @vgholdingsllc posts a membership nomination post most weeks. This is the post where we nominate and second new stackers into the community.)
  5. Receive a second from another community member.
  6. Membership nominations are reviewed and either approved or denied by the community mods. (Current mod is @dfinney.)
  7. Reap the rewards of community support and friendship.

(PS - Since @vgholdingsllc has disappeared temporarily into the the woods of Michigan, please reach out to me directly for the moment if you would like to nominate a new member).

Current Member List

Below is the up to date list of our current members. You will notice a few on this list have a number of years listed next to their user names. Every so often I like to check to see who is still on Hive. These folks have not posted nor commented anywhere on Hive in one year or more. In the interest of keeping our list reflective of who is still on the blockchain, I would like to remove these folks from the membership rolls. We've done this before, and everyone would be welcomed back if they return. It just seems funny to me to list folks who are long gone. If you are one of these people and have been lurking without posting... let me know. :) We miss you!

The official SGS member list is maintained on this @myprecious account by me (@dfinney). This account was created by our group witness @guiltyparties.

If you have questions about precious metals or just want to shoot the breeze, please join us on our Discord

On the blockchain, the Silver Gold Stackers community provides support to DELEGATING MEMBERS (who post about precious metals using the tag #silvergoldstackers) through the @ssg-community account. This account is run on both Hive and Steem. If you have questions about delegating, subscriptions via liquid hive or steem or have "missed a vote", please reach out directly to @buggedout (Hive) or @welshstacker (Steem) on discord. In order to promote interest in the community, the @ssg-community account will occasionally support others on the blockchain sharing about precious metals

The @myprecious account supports all members without a delegation or tag requirement.

And this brings another membership post to its conclusion. Have a fantastic weekend friends! Thank you for being apart of the Silver Gold Stacker community!




babes... I appreciate not getting booted out of SSG for inactivity :D - looove youuu!!

OMG!!!!!! You are alive! 🩷🩷🩷🩷 Miss you boo! 🐻

Belated Welcome @mraggaj , I'm a little slow with the paperwork. Sorry.

It's all good, thanks for the seconding too :)

Damn, I already thought @mraggaj was a member. Hell yeah, welcome man!

Welcome fren

Thanks @dfinney for all that you do.

I spoke with @anchormetals about a year ago about his HP lease - which is one of our longest standing. He's still lurking around here somewhere. I also came across @jznsamuel in a HIVE related discord just this week, so he's not far away either.

All old members are always welcome back any time. I hope they all know this.

Still around :) Just haven't gotten around to posting!! great to see #SSG still rocking...

I see @anchormetals still active on Instagram.

@mraggaj , welcome to the club!

Thanks man, it feels good to be an official member :)

@mraggaj Great to have you join the gang !

Thanks, happy to be here stacking with you all :)

I really need to get back in action! Lol cant lie at this point everything looks like Greek again! Hope all you guys are doing amazing!

Like I said on the gram, if you are back just drop me a line and I will pop you back on the list next time it’s updated. 😃

Thanks all, it's great to be on this stacking adventure with you :)


🪙 Welcome 2 The Party Pal 🪙

Thanks, I remember being impressed with sgs back in the steem days, it's a win win with the stacking :)

welcome nd the group has always been very well organized and full of amazing people!

Welcome @mraggaj !

Many thanks, it's been a fun start to my stacking adventure :)

@fat-elvis sucks I’ve been asking for months for a date range. He decides this close!!! Guess I wasn’t allowed to be included.

Everyone is welcome. You are allowed to come, but, thats up to you. I can't plan my schedule half a year in advance. Come out or not, that's 100% on you and not me.

I have a business to run, that requires booking times of completion. That’s why I asked ahead of time. But it’s all good enjoy

@dfinney I would like to nominate @gwajnberg (@rantree on Discord) for Membership into the SGS community! Hopefully, someone will second the nomination! 🙂

I second that ! And wanna nominate someone too

Have a nice day. Can I apply to join your group? Are there any conditions I need to meet?

Hi, the roadmap to membership described in this post described the process. Membership is by nomination. I notice you only joined hive this month, but immediately started using the tag and posting metals to our community. How did you find us? Do you have a hive account under another name?

Sorry for the late response to your comment. I don’t regularly login to the myprecious account so did not see your reply.

Yes, I have another Hive account where I have been writing for six years only in my national language and on completely different topics. Many people in my language group have my first account set to autovote. And almost no one collects coins there. I don't want to collect their votes.

I try to write exclusively in English on this account, @trautenberk. I want to write about my coin collecting, possibly about my country, also only in English.

It's summer, holidays. I also respond late.

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Hello. I would like to join the community but I’ve seen the discord link invite has already expired. Any other ways to join the discord channel? Thanks.

Hello! Sorry for the late reply on this. The community hive account is kind of unmonitored and I often forget to look at it for a loooong time.

heya, can you give me a valid discord link for the silvergoldstacker community?

I didn't know about this membership system, but damn it is very well architectured, this is actually a great way to build a strong community, kudos to you guys!

Thank you. Sorry for the late reply. I only end up checking this account when I am about to update the member list! :)

<3 @dfinney