The Apostle Thaler

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When you get into a lot of things, it's easier to forget a lot of things. ~ seki

I can't believe that I forgot a week of posting on my African Coin Series.
Last week has just been so hectic and due to tiredness, some longer posts I had planned were postponed and I had to resort to #dbuzz to help keep my post streak numbers up.
Regardless, that week is ending today and a new one is starting, here's to hoping and praying it would be better.

Today I bring you a special coin, beautiful in it's design as much as it's history, all the way from Liberia.

The 2009 250$ Liberian Apostle Thaler.





This is one coin whose design I won't readily forget.
Liberian apparently is a very religious country and at such, they have a coin series devoted to a religion.
The Apostle Thaler is a series which comes out regularly in different forms and designs, of all of them, this design is the one I like best.
After search Google Bard, I saw some methods with which the minters could have used to get the design and colouring but since non has been confirmed, I wouldn't drop them.

This coin, like I mentioned above holds significance as a commemorative coin for Christianity and Religion. It is also of high economic value, as it has a denomination of 250$


  • The Obverse side has an image of the Liberian Coat of Arms, with the mint date "2009", the words "The Love of Liberty Brought us Here and the currency denomination.
  • The Reverse side on the other hand shows images of Jesus and his 12 disciples, images of the last supper and Jesus's crucifixion.
  • Country Of Origin: Liberia
  • Metal composition : 99% Gold
  • Diameter : 65 mm
  • Edge Design: Reeded
  • Year of Minting : 2009

There's not much known about this coin which helps increase it's uniqueness and price.
The mintage and it's mint itself haven't been brought out to the general public so no one knows anything about those.
The coin, although despite being widely unknown, is already known as a highly valuable collective.


65 mm, that's a big coin, what's the weight?

Haven't seen it amongst the specifications.
I'm still checking though, it's a very rare coin.
Rare in the fact that there's not much information on it.😂😂

That is a wonderful coin, @seki1
I would like to know more about it Is it available in silver?

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I'm not sure, let me check...

After a quick check, it seems this 250$ Apostle Thaler coin doesn't have a silver version.
Although there are other coins of the series, with different denominations and different years of mintage but fairly the same Design that is in silver.
For example this 40$ 2009 Apostle Thaler Coin

The Image is bigger and better seen on the sight😂😂😂

I also learned something new and unique about these coins...
Apparently they are puzzle pieces, meaning that each Piece of the apostle is detachable and re-attachable like a metal jigsaw puzzle...

Pretty neat.