Silver Trade Unit

When spot price for silver is high and a bit too steep, buying the usual silver coins sounds unreasonable. Why not buy something else? Like a generic silver, perhaps?

If I have to buy generic silver for my stack, I'd want it to bring me the same satisfaction as I would get from any special coin purchase.

For this reason, a general rule that I adhere to in making precious metal purchases is: buy only what I like.

Other than the lower cost of generic silver, it makes better sense to me when the design contributes to a theme that represents what I believe in.

There are different styles of generic silver bars and rounds. A private mint or foundry may produce "logo bars" or "logo rounds", or have different designs commonly known as "art bars" and "art rounds". Some private mints or foundries may also produce silver pieces that they refer to as "silver trade units".

The words “Silver Trade Unit” capture the bullion’s purpose.

By the way, generic silver may be expensive too... especially the vintage ones.


All photos were taken by me with my iPhone.

Gold and Silver Stacking is not for everyone.
Do your own research!

If you want to learn more, we are here at the Silver Gold Stackers Community. Come join us!

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Wow I love this coins the look really beautiful

Do you like it? I love it too. It goes very well with my rounds,
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Something I don't understand about silver is a lot of people believe this asset could be in the 3 digits. Do you believe it will go uprise?

Aside from rising demand, various macroeconomic factors could lead to an increase in silver prices. One issue that is sometimes neglected is the US dollar's strength in relation to other currencies throughout the world. When the US dollar is strong, other currencies tend to depreciate, and when that happens, investors tend to rush to more stable investments like gold and silver. This could result in an increase in demand - and thus price - for these precious metals. But to triple digits? I don't know!

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Five Digit Silver in Phase 3 of the U.S. Monetary Correction, if measured in "today's" Fiat USD's...
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Generic silver is my 'Go to" when these crazy premiums just won't go down.

These Trade units are made by different mints, has anyone manage to identify certain rounds from the different mints and collected a specimen from each? This featured round looks like it has a little square box with what look like JL inside. Is this the mint mark?

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The design of the Statue of Liberty is the same as the silver by Silver Refineries, but I know they did not make this. Let's us @stokjockey ! I got this piece from him.
xoxo 🤗😘

It's true when spot price goes up it gets expensive to buy coins with the premium they sell coins at. It totally makes sense to invest in rounds, bars or poured silver being that if the governments currency system fails the silver will only be worth the weight of the silver at whatever value you are able to get at that point.

Or... it can be higher! If the currency system fails, silver will be higher and so much more in demand...
BTW, I received word from the silver pourer of the 2023 Hive Silver Round last night. It is on its way to me!! Yay!!!

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I've quickly figured that out. I;ve went to buying cull or junk silver coins. Since I like old U.S. mintage, that is what I look for, but like you said, sometimes those can be expensive. However, I have been able to find a few good deals, just have to keep my eyes open and look real good and be quick because they don;t last long at all.

It is so hard to stack US Constitutional coins. They are running out of BUs and if they are available, they are priced higher than newly minted ones. I buy them when they are available at a reasonable price.

oh, if I got something in BU condition I would be too tempted to add it to my collection instead of the stack. That why I am looking for the yuck culls instead. That way I am not really attached when I sell or melt them.

Your coin collection is really nice. I like this one.

Thank you, @qwr ! Slow and steady wins the race!!!


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You know I’m a big fan of the trade units. Nice pick up

So far, yours and mine are the only trade units I have seen in Hive. Perhaps the others have not shown theirs, or I missed it, hehehe! I try to be here all the time, no matter how busy it gets.

I’ve seen a few. I know Kerris has shared a few. I think summertooth has as well. I still need the one in the hexagon shape, it keeps eluding me.

Oh yeah... Kerris!!!

The way silver has been trending down for the past few days and still coming up is a good opportunity for us to get inside as it has bounced back up a few days. Have to start going.

I love everything about this coin, the balance on the opposite is making it more beautiful and attractive.

Ms. Saver @silversaver888


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No that's a very nice vintage trade unit