Community Raffle : Win 2 Seasons with a Silver League Splinterlands Deck!

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It's time again time to raffle off another 2 seasons of the Monster Pit playing account to raise funds for the Silver Gold Stackers Community Curation Project. This great project helps support and promote members of the community and the production of quality content about Precious Metals here on HIVE.


The whole Splinterlands ecosystem has had a massive boost since our last raffle with the value of Dark Energy Crystals up over 600% and the newly introduced SPS governance token also delivering a great windfall for players, so this raffle might get a lot more interest than it has in the past. The cards on the @monsterpit account have also had a massive appreciation of value and according to peakmonsters this playing deck is now valued in the vicinity of $12,000 US Dollars! When we set up the @monsterpit these cards were worth only about $400 US Dollars so this community asset itself is up over 3000% in value!


It boggles the mind to consider that for just a few HIVE you could be in with a chance to play with the @monsterpit account for 2 seasons and keep all the rewards. So if you'd like to give the game a good try with a low outlay or snag a few extra cards or DEC this raffle is an opportunity to get in there and start fighting without having to outlay a huge sum that a playing deck of this quality would cost to buy.

The HIVE price has been slowly creeping up so the raffle tickets are going to be 2 HIVE each this time around so they remain very affordable. The draw will be held approximately 7 days after this post in the SGS Discord chat on Sunday 30th August so if you want to drop in and see the draw live, you can.


To buy tickets in the raffle, just send your HIVE to the community account @ssg-community with the memo “Monster Pit Raffle” before the draw and you’ll be in with a chance to play with this powerful Splinterlands deck. It’s cheap and easy and it’s a great way to get a taste of the game or earn a few extra HIVE. If you’re a competitive type, there is also the Bonus Pot – where 10% of all funds raised over 2021 are building up. @welshstacker is still in the lead with his Rating High of 2871 but that is definitely a beatable score....

It’s Winner-Takes-All so if you can get the best Rating High with the @monsterpit account for the year then it’s all yours. You can’t delegate any extra cards to the account to make it more powerful, but in all honesty – you won’t need to. It’s a very strong Silver League Deck as it currently stands.

To clarify, the winner of the raffle will receive:-

  • Exclusive access to play the @monsterpit deck for 2 seasons
  • All DEC and Cards earned are yours to keep
  • Free use of any potions accumulated on the @monsterpit account
  • A chance to win the Bonus Pot if you can get the Best Rating for 2021

Even if you don’t want to buy tickets, you can help this community fundraiser raffle by reblogging this post and telling your friends about it.

Thank you for your support!


Congratulations on your Dolphin status!!!

Congrats Ms. Saver on Owning some Great Assets that I !LUV ingly Refer to still as SteemMonsters !!! @silversaver888

well, they still use SteemMonsters to vote on articles, @stokjockey!






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I don't have a ton of knowledge about this game, but have played a little in the past. Either way I'll support the cause! Good luck to all 😁

5 tickets, please for: @stayten
sending the 10 HIVE to @ssg-community now!


I have yet to play this game let alone figure out the mechanics and I think I have just 4 cards in my collection somewhere. OH my, you're back down to Minnow again.

All the best to the participants (r1s2g3)
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5 tickets please!
I !LUV U Precious The Silver Myth Mermaid







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Good luck to all 🤟

Congratulations @ssg-community!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

1 ticket please. Good luck to all!


@ssg-community, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

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