3rd Auction for the SGS Monster Pit Splinterlands Deck

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Authored by @buggedout

It's time again to auction off more playing seasons of the @monsterpit fundraising account of the Silver Gold Stackers Community. The account is currently being played by @teenagecrypto who is a new player yet has been learning the game fast and getting a good handle on just how powerful the @monsterpit playing deck can be. It's a great example of just how easy it is to get going with Splinterlands and try out the game with such a low investment. This auction is another opportunity to get involved and help the SGS Community at the same time.

As with the last auction, all bidding will be carried out on the HIVE blockchain right here in the comments for this post.


The winner of the auction will receive :-

• Exclusive access to play the @monsterpit deck for 3 seasons
• Free membership to the Silver Gold Knights playing Guild for 3 seasons
• 1000 Dark Energy Crystals
• All DEC and Cards earned are yours to keep
• Free use of any potions accumulated on the @monsterpit account

The auction starts now and will run for 5 days until the current Splinterlands season ends. You need to have a reputation of at least 60 on the HIVE blockchain (to deter fake bids) but if you have a lower reputation and want to bid you can send the HIVE for your bid to the @ssg-community wallet and your HIVE will be refunded at the end of the auction if you are overbid.

This time the bids will be held in Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) with minimum bid increments of 0.5 HBD so if the current bid is at say 5 HBD then the next bid must be at least 5.5 HBD. There will also be an Anti-Sniping policy for bidding so that if someone bids just before the auction is due to finish, the bidding time will be extended by 10 minutes each time there is a valid over-bid to give other bidders a chance to respond. If you want to bid in the auction then please reply to the official auction comment below with your bid amount.


Remember that 10% of funds raised by this and future fundraisers of the @monsterpit will be put aside in a Bonus Pot and all of the players of the @monsterpit cards over the Splinterlands seasons of 2021 will go onto a Monster Pit Leaderboard which will show the highest ranked rating achieved over each season.

The player who does the best with the @monsterpit deck over the course of 2021 will be crowned Champion of the Monster Pit at the end of 2021 and will win the Bonus Pot. So, if you’re a competitive player already then having a shot at this title and Bonus Pot prize is also worth a try.

NOTE : You are not allowed to delegate additional cards to the @monsterpit account if you want to compete on the Monster Pit Leaderboard as this bonus competition is intended to be on a level playing field.

Even if you don’t want to bid in the auction, you can help this community fundraiser by reblogging this post and telling your friends about it.

Thank you for your support!


Just 32 hours left until the end of this auction. There are bids from @adamcurry33 @geneeverett and @buggedout

Current leading bid is @buggedout with 6.5 HBD. Please reply to the formal bidding comment (which is now this comment) for your bid to be valid.

Raise bid -7 HBD

My highest is 6.5
I’m out. Good luck friend

Congratulations @geneeverett this is the highest bid. Can you please send 7 HBD to @ssg-community and let me know how to contact you privately. Are you in our Discord channel?

I just started a discord
Sending funds now

Thanks! The account is ready for you to go and the posting key sent via Discord. Good luck!

Thank you friend! Hey I’m not 💯 up on this stuff. May I hit u up later if I have questions?

Sure. I sent you the details in a discord DM. Hit me up there if you need help with it.

Bid - 5.75 HBD

Please reply to this comment to bid in the Auction.

Starting Bid - 5 HBD

My Bid - 5.5 HBD

Edit is due to my bidding more then the .5 amount increase from last bid.

Raise bid - 6.0 HBD

Raise bid - 6.5 HBD

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