Monster Raffle Winners Announced!

Today the SGS Monster Raffle was Run and Won. It was another great success thanks to everyone who got involved by Donating Prizes, Buying Raffle Tickets, Helping Promote and/or Joining in on the Live Draw. It’s always good to see the SGS Community come together again and rise to the big occasion so well done and thank you to everyone!

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Congratulations to our winners. Most of our winners were online when their ticket was drawn and they were able to choose their own prizes, but even the few who weren’t online and were allocated a random prize were lucky enough to score some really nice silver. For a full List of Winners please see below :-

If you are a Donator or a Winner on that list then please get in contact with your matching Donator / Winner to exchange postage details so that those great prizes can be distributed. We also encourage everyone to please make a post about your prize when you receive it so that we can ensure that everything ends up where it is supposed to. A post on HIVE is also a great way to give a more personal and public thanks to our amazing members who have generously donated.

Overall there was an incredible 1536 Raffle Tickets sold with raised funds totaling 5893 HIVE and 2080 PRECIOUS Tokens. At todays valuations that is about $1,845 USD worth of funds raised which has again exceeded our wildest expectations. Needless to say that this is an enormous boost for the SGS Community Curation Project and those raised funds will be spent over the next 6 months on Hive Power Leases to boost the upvotes for our content creators here at Silver Gold Stackers.

Thanks again to everyone for the amazing support!


Congratulations to all the other winners 🥳🎉
It was fun and I am so happy I did win too 😁
Have a fantastic Sunday 🐝

Yay! 🤗
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Congratulations you guys! Nice raffle prizes there. Stack em up!

Congratulations to everyone who won and a big thank you to all the community members who generously donated prizes and time to the raffle! This is such a great community!

😊😉 whoa! congrats to all those winners!

Yay!!! Success!!!
AWESOME job, everyone!!!!

Great work Buggs & Welshie & Dfin too!

Great fun and great results 🏴‍☠️👍🏴‍☠️

SGS may yet become an int’l stacker benefactor and silver repository… oh wait 😳😲😜🤩😁😂🤣🎉

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awesome nice job =^^=

i saw that one on ausbit channel :D

Those are some awesome prizes! Congratulations! 😁