Reviewing Hive Power Leases

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Authored by @buggedout

As mentioned in the last update our community curation project has taken a bit of a hit with lost Curation Rewards in the aftermath of Hard Fork 25 and it does indeed look like we will need to cut back a bit on our lease expenditure. This means we are both looking at a drop in yields for our lessors as well as a drop in overall Hive Power leased so that we can ensure the project doesn’t slowly bleed out and bankrupt itself.


For now the top market rate for leases on is about 13.5% so that will be the new maximum lease rate for our lessors come the end of this month. Of course we like to give everyone a good heads up and a chance to find alternative places to delegate if this minor drop in yields is a big issue, but I also personally hope that our lessors will continue to support the community and accept the yield reduction which brings lease earning back in line with the evolving open market.


What this all means for regular content creators on the #silvergoldstackers tag is that the overall Hive Power behind the voting might be a little bit volatile over the short term while we work through this adjustment and review of our leases. As custodian of the project I will do my best to smooth things out and perhaps nobody will even notice any changes but I do like to be transparent about any issues that might affect members and this could be one of them.

I’ll be attempting to make contact with all of our private off-market lessors over the next week or so to discuss this change. Also, if there is anyone out there with spare Hive Power that is interested in leasing power to the project, the 13.5% yield on offer after this month is still very competitive. Delegation payments are made weekly and in advance, with a minimum delegation of 5,000 Hive Power.

Thanks for your ongoing support


OK, just released some HP from leases. Drop a message on Discord if needed.

Thanks for the update and keeping us in the loop.

Ohh how i dont miss these days. Youre doing an absolutely smashing job Buggs, and while there might be a short termnpull back on SP HP, the future for #silvergoldstackers still looks very rosey.

Thanks for keeping us up to date and keeping this ship afloat

Thanks for the kind words mate. Nothing like a good old Hard Fork to shake things up eh :)

Weve been through enough of them over thr years my friend. We assess, we evaluate, we adapted and we come out stronger the other side.

Congratulations @ssg-community!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

@ssg-community, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

@geneeverett hey brother
13.5% looks pretty good. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Just thought you might wanna see this.

Thanks for pointing out bud

Thanks for getting my back. I was drunk AF last night. I hope I wasn’t rude. Hey seriously WTF happened? I know it’s not anything I should hold you at fault for but why did other accounts come at me like this? Adam Curry crew has been promoting Hive hard. Now I wish I personally hadn’t if this is how it works. Anyway man I’m out till Monday. Fix this shit for me. You said this place was great on NoAgenda Social. I saw the video you posted. I wouldn’t leave it up. You are worrying to much. You did nothing wrong Gene!
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