Difference between paper market and physical market.

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Silver price is not denominated in its true value. If we compare it to movements of silver market, we will find that its price should be $5000 an ounce. The physical value of free silver is a great delusion. The price may be exaggerated, but we should not ignore more decades of manipulation by changing actual markets to paper markets by investors and several years of printing money by global central banks.

The actual real silver market shouldn't be compared to the paper market with a large number of financial derivatives. According to reliable sources interested in statistics and data, it was announced that the annual global silver market is about 5 trillion dollars.

If we consider that silver is now in the range of $20 with an annual physical production rate of 1 billion ounces, this gives us the actual market size of $20 billion for physical silver.

There is a large discrepancy between $5 trillion and $20 billion, and this is due to the fact that the paper silver market includes many fake paper financial products such as certificates and ETFs, which gives a discrepancy between the exploitation and the real value of silver.


I will always prefer the physical market anytime anyday

Yes it's clear and real