How to begin with silver coins?

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Numismatic coins

Silver is affordable for everyone.
But beginners should be careful. Despite many product options, risks are present, especially when it comes to precious metals.

To be initiative, there are several types of silver that you can buy with a good selection of items in each category:

Numismatic silver pieces category :

They have best shapes with artwork and they often come with fancy display cases, but it is the most expensive item to buy.

It is best suited for collectors, that when we talk about the standard-issue sovereign silver coins, whether the American silver eagle or the Canadian silver paper or any other silver coin.

They are completely different from bullion coins for several things:
Their designs are distinctive with a more lustrous appearance and often have a certificate of authenticity, they are minted in smaller quantities than other silver coins.


At times I actually wonder do people really love the Numismatic silver pieces that much

Yes I like its shining design, they are beautiful