Loving nature is part of loving yourself.

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I send a warm greeting to all those hives that make life in this community @Outdoors and more, and to my friend @galenkp.

There is nothing healthier for our health and to release stress, than to be in contact with nature, away from noise, pollution, home chores, routine, social networks, etc.
So we took a family weekend and headed to one of the most beautiful beaches, with warm waters and white sand.

Playa Delfin, is a private area that belongs to the Venezuelan Navy, it is located in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo state.







There was a time when only the military and their families were allowed access, now it was opened to the general public, under the rules and regulations of the military body.
It is the only way that citizens can care for and preserve this area, it is a highly preserved beach, clean, and has surveillance, watching over the behavior and maintenance of the same, has all the services, boat to transfer to the keys or islands, restaurant, bathrooms, fresh water, and above all safe, among others.







If there is one thing I am proud of, it is my country in terms of nature, apart from offering extremely beautiful places, it also gives us peace and tranquility.
The photos are of my property, taken with a tecno pop 5 cell phone, the translator I use is Deepl. thank you for your attention, if someday you come to visit my country, one of the beaches that I recommend is this Playa Delfin.


Yes.. Nature is the real solution.

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