Centuries-old trees and interesting mushrooms in Strandzha forest

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With @outlinez and our friends soon we took a wonderful walk in magestic Strandzha forest.

A friend of ours wanted to take us to one of his favorite place where he often likes to go - majestic ancient trees.

We traveled to the place by car. There had been a storm the previous days and the dirt road that had to be crossed was full of fallen branches and puddles.

We arrived at a large and vast meadow covered with fresh green grass and thousands of withered plants standing high above the ground. The meadow abounded with the mossy leaves of Mullein (Verbascum speciosum).

The tall trees could be seen in the distance and stood out among the forest. We headed there.

On the way we passed half-destroyed buildings. Some time ago, it seemed that life was boiling here, but now everything was abandoned and looked sad.

Approaching the trees, I was amazed by their strength and radiance.

One of them stood out from the rest. Not just his posture, but his form. The massive stem bifurcated upwards and was covered with soft green moss.

Under his crown were large mushrooms of a dark purple color.

There were many more mushrooms around.

Large mushroom and covered with a large layer of moss.

Groups of smaller mushrooms with a warm orange color. Most were covered in fallen autumn leaves, but you could see them if you got close.

Here is another mushroom in the company of a purple autumn crocus.

All the nature around was so beautiful and our walk in this atmosphere was more than wonderful.

Thank you for stopping by!


Nice mushrooms in the forest; some looking very big and hard. Winter in the forest left no food for birds and other animals! Waiting for spring to return soon.

Everyone adjusts to the change of seasons. Waiting for spring 🙂!

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Unfortunately, in my area it is very difficult to find large trees like this because there is still a lot of logging done by irresponsible parties.

This is very sad 😞

This trees are very tall and the way you captured it, makes it look very unique and beautiful.

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