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RE: 8th update of 2021 on BlockTrades work on Hive software

in HiveDevs15 days ago

The soon to be 5 year manual voter in me is happy with the curation changes. Especially the tax curve being removed as that was one thing I was not in favor during the EIP, or at least felt it was being placed too high. Looking forward to see these changes take effect and I think we're all better equipped to nip bid bot actions in the bud this time around to not do the same mistakes again, especially if you happen to look at the trending of our corrupted twin every now and then.


I think it was set too high originally too and becomes even more pronounced as Hive increases in price. However, I think that it had to be included in the EIP in order to ensure there was a clear difference made - it was a kind of backup plan. I am not sure if it did more harm than good overall, but at least now we have a chance to test without.