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Now that the end-of-year celebrations have passed and everyone has recovered from these festivities, developments around Hive Authentication Services are advancing at a fast pace.

What's up?

Hive Keychain for Mobile

@stoodkey had made an awesome at work improving Keychain Mobile HAS integration. You can read more about it in this post.

The main improvements recently made, which will be of interest to the majority of users, are the stability of the connection with the HAS infrastructure, even when the application is running in the background, and the possibility of defining which connections are to be trusted so as not to. having to give approval to each operation.

While there is still a bit of work to be done to make the user experience even more enjoyable, the latest beta version is of Keychain Mobile is fully functional. So good that during my tests I completely forgot that I was using the HAS version to interact with the blockchain. It wasn't until after that I remembered it, and I said to myself: "oh shit, this stuff works really well"!

You can request access to Keychain Mobile Beta on their Discord beta channel.

Kudos @stoodkev!

Condenser (

@quochuy has started working on HAS integration into Condenser, the open-source front-end that runs You can read more about it in this post

In a few days, the integration with HAS was done for authentication and to perform simple operations like votes or comments, which are the main operations carried out on The next step will be to integrate HAS into the separate wallet site (

Beta version of Condenser with HAS support is available at

Kudos too @quochuy for the awesome work done.


@asgarth has added many improvements in the beta version of I now log in using HAS when on mobile to perform all kinds of operations. And I have to admit that it works like a charm.

Additionally, @jarvie took the plunge to provide additional less "technical" and more "end-user" oriented feedback. This is something extremely welcome since HAS success will depend mainly on users adoption.

Beta version of Peakd with HAS support is available at

Thank you both for supporting this project so actively.


Of course, my own apps have fully supported HAS for a long time.

The beta version of Engage with HAS support is available at

I'm working with it using HAS authentication every day for months, on desktop and mobile, with multiple accounts.

Other applications

HAS is slowly gaining ground among developers. New people regularly contact me to integrate HAS into their applications, among them @hivetrending from the Pizza team, @postnzt from the team, @techcoderx, @mintrawa. I also had contacts with the Splinterlands and 3Speak teams.

With Keychain Mobile becoming mature, I expect many others to join and integrate HAS into their (d)Apps.


As announced in my previous post, I also put a lot of effort into the documentation which is now almost complete.

The documentation is available at

It contains:

  • a presentation of the project
  • a detailed description of the HAS protocol
  • a complete guide for application developers
  • a complete guide for wallet developers (PKSA)
  • tutorials with multiple code examples
  • link to open-source repositories for PKSA and apps libraries
  • many useful resources...

From now on, my previous technical posts will be cleaned up and will refer to this documentation which therefore becomes the official reference for the Hive Authentications Services project!

Although the documentation is still a work in progress that I hope to be able to finalize in the next few days, the feedback I have already received about it has been overwhelmingly positive and I am very grateful to those who have given me their feedback.

The HAS project won its first Prize

Funny story. When writing this post, I found out that @crrdlx had organized a fun contest to award the "Buzzies" trophies. [1] [2]

While this contest was mainly geared toward, there was also a category called "Hive Post of the Year - best Hive post ("

To my surprise, the Hive Authentication Services announcement post won the award.

Thanks to everyone who selected and nominated this post and thank you to @crrdlx for creating this fun contest and the awesome LUV project!

Thank you for reading.

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Hello! Posting this comment from the beta PeakD and authenticated using HAS.

Hello! Commenting and voting from Engage beta after authenticating using HAS.

Cool. It works for both of us! 👍

I’ve just logged in to PeakD on my mothers iPad and my mind is blown!

This is a useability game changer. I’ve got to do lots more work on doing this on a single device but honestly I’m blown away.

I need to look at the Docs and see how @ausbitbank and I can add this to asap.

Fantastic work.

Need to learn better how the little green/red HAS dot in Keychain mobile works. It's also a little difficult for those like me who are red green color blind.

Green : is connected / press : disconnect and delete sessions
Red : is disconnected / press : attempt reconnect / long press : disconnect and delete sessions
Grey : Idle

Which colors could be better? The advantage of red/green is that it's more intuitive for most users. Anyways, so far its mostly made for testing purposes.

Red and Green are not bad (nobody would understand Yellow/Blue but I'd see it great 😎) but what works well is to supplement that with a shape change so perhaps use a symbol that inverts or a slightly larger circle that is red and open and green and filled in.

That really helps out people like me.

I'm not sure this will come out on PeakD but these Emojis are good:


Also pressing the Green to disconnect without a bit of a warning or a pop up is annoying. I would expect pressing on that tiny symbol would give me a screen with information about HAS sessions and only there the option to disconnect. The explanation you've given here I would never have guessed or stumbled upon without reading somewhere.

what works well is to supplement that with a shape

got it!

Also pressing the Green to disconnect without a bit of a warning or a pop up is annoying. I would expect pressing on that tiny symbol would give me a screen with information about HAS sessions and only there the option to disconnect. The explanation you've given here I would never have guessed or stumbled upon without reading somewhere.

As I said, for now it's for dev purpose only, this will not be the final UI

^ this is feedback for @stoodkev

Great feedback and good to know. your mother is now able to blog on Hive using her iPad 😁

I'm hoping I logged off properly!

If you used HAS, as soon as you close your Keychain she won't be able to transact.

OK I've just opened up and it's "Authenticating" with a spinning circle. Doesn't seem to stop.

Feels like it needs a much shorter time out OR a button to force a new session when I know that my phone is not connected any more.

@stoodkev for you: the check box for not re-asking for every vote/post doesn't seem to work yet (I'm on Engage) and iPhone X.

Please use Discord (or MM) channel for feedback and support

Preferably MM

Definitely, will prefer the MM for sure. @stoodkev

Just re-logged back in by tapping on the red dot once and that works, definitely needs more UI work but moving fast in the right direction.

Can't wait to use my phone to sign a tx on my laptop. Such a cool security feature. !1UP 100

Thank you for giving us this important Information. Supported the proposal. Thank you for your important work for making Hive better.

Thank you for your support @florian-glechner.
I can't wait for HAS to be massively adopted as a sign-in option.

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very cool work going on! :)


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It's a really great idea and I'm excited to see more users testing it out. For those testing it on please get a hold of me and let me know what you think we should do to make the experience better... we haven't implemented some of my requests yet but let's see if they're the same as mine or maybe you have something better.

On a separate note @arcange did you see this project it seems like they're doing something somewhat similar maybe?

did you see this project...?

Yes, I saw it. Somewhat similar but more complex (to me) and more expensive to get your "name".

I couldn't find a domain at less than $20 where a Hive account. And the shorter or common your "name", the more expensive it is.

i thought i am not, but i am a bit confused by this :D to access beta.peakd on the phone what do i need to have installed? :D

when i go to beta.peakd on mobile i have an option of peaklock and hivesigner and there i am lost :D

Are you a beta user for mobile keychain?

i could be :) (i guess)

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I'm gonna try the new mobile version ! That's really something I was waiting !

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Great ..!!

I am a developer and I want to ask some questions, I want to contact you. please send me some means to contact you

You can contact me on Discord (arcange#2413) or Telegram

Gracias Señor @arcange por todo el trabajo realizado y el apoyo a estos pescaditos que nadamos a veces a la deriva en este océano creciente.
Salud, paz y éxito.

Muchas gracias @felixmarranz

I really glad you took out time to update us with the great information boss and a great initiative as well