Hive SQL is ready for the hardfork 25 - Addendum

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The hardfork 25 (codename Equilibrium) should be activated in a few hours (less than 22 but many more than 2 at time of writing 😁) as all top 20 witnesses are now running the v1.25 code on their nodes (see here).

My API servers have also been upgraded to the new code and are now providing HiveSQL with new data. Therefore, I added a few updates to the HiveSQL database.

What's new?

1. Existing table updates

  • DynamicGlobalProperties

New columns

current_remove_thresholdnumber of objects that can be removed in one automatic operation (only applies to situations where many objects can accumulate over time but need to be removed in a single operation f.e. proposal votes)
early_voting_secondsDuration of the first period where all votes are considered equally regarding vote time and the linear rewards curve is applied (equal weight to all voters in that window) - currently 24 hours
mid_voting_secondsDuration of the second period where with reward weight/2 is applied - currently 48 hours
max_consecutive_recurrent_transfer_failuresMaximum number of consecutive failures for a recurring transfer before it is automatically canceled
max_recurrent_transfer_end_dateMaximum difference between start and end of a recurring payment - currently 730 days (2 years)
min_recurrent_transfers_recurrenceMinimum time to elapse between two recurring transfer - currently 24 hours
max_open_recurrent_transfersMaximum number of recurring payments that can be scheduled for execution per account - currently 255
  • Account

New columns

post_voting_powerEffective HP that are used for curation (vesting_shares - delegated_vesting_shares + received_vesting_shares)
pending_transfersPending transfers for escrow operations
governance_vote_expiration_tsdate and time that the account governance votes for witnesses and proposals will expire
delayed_votes_timedate and time that the additional HP recently powered up will be taken into account for governance
delayed_votes_valvalue of the additional HP that will be taken into account for governance after delay
open_recurrent_transfersNumber of recurring transfers scheduled for execution


HiveSQL documentation has been updated and can be viewed at


If you have any questions or remarks, support is provided on the HiveSQL Discord Channel.

Happy Hardfork 25!

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