15th update of 2022: New Hive HF26 release candidate 3 released

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Below are a few highlights of the Hive-related programming issues worked on by the BlockTrades team since my last post.

This report is a bit late as I just recently got back from traveling to HiveFest and then traveling to Poland to meet with some of our devs there for a few days. A lot was done in that time, but I’m still time-constrained catching up with work that built up in my absence, so I’m going to make this a quick post and cover a few highlights of the past three weeks.

Hived (blockchain node software) Release candidate 3

Today we released what I expect to be the final release of hived for hardfork 26:

Fixes in RC3 are described here: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive/-/merge_requests/688 The most important change was the fix for the potential sync stall condition, but this was relatively rare and could be worked around by restarting the node. Other changes were just performance optimizations. No changes affecting hardfork consensus were made in this release candidate.

About a week ago, we released RC2: This release candidate fixed a few more significant fixes:

We also worked on hived documentation, adding descriptions of new command-line options and config.ini options.

Call for Hive app devs to test against the mirrornet to prepare for the hardfork

At this point, more apps have successfully tested against the mirrornet, but I suspect that a decent number haven’t yet, so I again encourage any app dev who hasn’t yet tested their app against the mrirronet to do so ASAP. It’s really easy: just point at the mirrornet api node and change the chainid that your transaction-signing library uses.

Hive Application Framework (HAF) and related apps

We officially incorporated support for the get_block API into HAF (this will allow us to stop loading down hived nodes with get_block calls as these have traditionally been a very expensive call). We developed CI tests and benchmarks for the API. The tests allowed us to find and fix some differences in the results between hived and HAF. Hived is currently a little faster than HAF at serving up this API (although it uses more CPU power to do so) so we’re looking at ways to speed this up further.

During HAF hivemind testing we found and fixed a performance problem that occurred during livesync mode.

Work also continued on the HAF block explorer, with the focus still on the witness page right now. This is also informing some changes to the data collected by HAF via the sql_serializer.

Some upcoming tasks

  • Test and update deployment documentation for hived and HAF apps (ongoing)
  • Continue supporting Hive apps devs as they begin testing their app against the mirrornet
  • More testing of hived release candidate on production API node to confirm real-world performance improvements
  • Continued testing on the mirrornet
  • Finish testing and dockerize HAF-based hivemind and use docker image in CI tests.
  • Continue work on HAF-based block explorer
  • Collect benchmarks for a hafah app operating in “irreversible block mode” and compare to a hafah app operating in “normal” mode (low priority)

When hardfork 26?

The new release candidate still has a date of Oct 11th, 2022 at 12:00 GMT for the time of the hardfork. Based on the relatively small number of changes made in the latest release candidate, I don’t currently see any reason to extend the hardfork date out further in time.


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How long have you guys been requiring KYC?


Hey @blocktrades, I've been getting this error for the past two days and I haven't seen any official statement anywhere.


Same thing on my side.

Looks like that is going to be it. I might test it if I get the time to do it, no promises yet though

Good job

Thanks for sharing the update, its helpful indeed.

Wow this awesome and keep up the good work moving.

hardfork hardfork hard at work! 💪🍻

biggest hardfork eveeer here we come

great job everybody!

Great post

11th of Oct, let's hope it will not change. Looking for this upgrade & thank you!

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BTW, do you know where Holger is? Seems beem/py has no updates.

I don't know where Holger is, but BlockTrades guys and a few others have been doing some work on the copy of beem in our public repo: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/beem/activity

Thanks, that is very helpful :)

Muchas cosas buenas llegarán 😉


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You are committed to what you love doing the fact that you still have to drop this information, Knowing you are going to the Poland, I respect you for that most people will just feel lazy to do that i might too because traveling of coming back from a trip means you need a rest thanks for sharing, I hope you have a little of rest when you get to Poland.

I'm actually back from the Polish trip now, and I'm just catching up on all the work that built up while I was gone (one of those items was writing this report)...

Okay well from you trip hope you enjoyed it.

I have known blocktrades for a while now and they are always reliable and their service is fast and convenient.. keep up the great work..

Looking forward to this - thanks for the update mate.

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hey, I know you are busy with HF26, but something just popped up in a conversation with Marky that I wanted to ask you about. He said that he thinks that you have somewhat changed your mind on implementing smart contracts on layer 1; is there something to this?

I'm not sure what you mean: I've always said it made more sense to implement smart contracts on layer 2 instead of layer 1.

exactly, that was what I thought so too. But Marky made some comments the other day on discord that suggested that you were thinking about implementing smart contracts on layer 1. I just wanted to verify your position on this

It there any time frame for implementing smart contracts on Hive?

currently, I actually thought that it is not planned as blocktrades said that they are better on layer 2

Hey Dan, are we still on or the HF tomorrow?

Seems so, looks like witnesses are onboard, supermajority is running v1.26.0: https://wallet.hive.blog/~witnesses

Brilliant. Looking forward to it. :)

Flawless. Great job!

Excellent 👌 post

Very good work!
I loved it

Consider dropping witness votes on those powering down and support witnesses that are powering up? shakes things up, you have the stake to change things and support so many that are powering down...

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What is hafah app actually?