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RE: Hardfork 24 progress last week

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Yes, 22nd isn't an exact date, for two reasons: 1) it depends on us getting a version of hivemind ready for apps testing in the next few days and 2) witness don't have to upgrade right away, in which case it could take longer. So what it really means is that Sept 22nd is earliest possible date that we will hardfork, but not necessarily the day it will happen. Testing and witness upgrade cycle will set the actual date.

Regarding notifications, it's a low-level coding thing related to hivemind itself. Front ends like have a feature called "notifications" which allows you to know when someone has, for example, "mentioned" you, rehived your post, or upvoted one of your posts. There can also be notifications as a result of actions performed in a community. These latter types of notifications need special handling in hivemind, compared to the other ones.


Ah, so we will expect amazing things in hive for the hardfork to come.

But I think mentioning, rehive are already going on in hive? Although it's not that active because sometimes it won't notify me. So this time it will be 100% sure that if someone does an activity that needs mentioning me, it will notify me right away? That's nice, good luck.

Yes, notifications work right now, but they were broken by required changes in new Eclipse code, so we're fixing them again (and improving efficiency of that code in the process).

Ah okay, so that's what you meant. Thanks for answering my simple questions by the way. Keep safe and thanks for the hard work.🤗

Hello, will a new token be created after the hardfork?

No, this is system upgrade HF. No split of chain and no new coins.